Taekia Glass and Timothy Radmore

One Small Step partners Taekia Glass (42) and Timothy "Tim" Radmore (48) discuss navigating political differences within families, how to bridge the urban/rural divide, and why neither wants to be "put in a box."

Ed Schwinn and Andrew Schwinn

Ed Schwinn, Jr. (74) relates family stories and local history to his son Andrew Schwinn (38), including information about the formation of the Schwinn Bicycle Company.

John’s Birthday August 4 2023

John Harcourt 66 years old and wife Jody Gliserman/Harcourt. Life from Montreal to California.

Sonya Hollins and Elvira Bernard

Sonya Hollins (55) interviews her mother Elvira Bernard [No Age Given] about Elvira’s decision to go back to school as single mother of four children in order to become a nurse. They also discuss hurdles Elvira faced in the nursing...

Lenny Spiegel and Sandy Spiegel Share Stories of Their Life and Work

Sandy and Lenny Spiegel tell about their determination to pursue higher education despite socio-economic challenges. A surprising union - Sandy, a social worker and Lenny, a physicist - met each other in Chicago in the late 1980s and followed their...

My Father’s Story

Giselle Mustafa (17) interviews her father, Khalid Mustafa (59) to know more about his life as a Palestinian living in Chicago in the 1960s-1970s, his life moving to a whole new country, and his life now.

William Toulios and Dallis Anderson

Friends Dallis Anderson (66) and William "Bill" Toulios (43) discuss equity in the school system. Dallis was Bill's basketball coach at the school where Bill is now the superintendent.

Janise Wriddle and Sylester Miles

Friends Janise Wriddle (62) and Sylester "Miles" Miles (62) describe their experiences as young students during the period of desegregation in schools. Both recall the racism and colorism they've experienced in their lives.

Charles Kuner and Crispien Van Aelst

Charles Kuner (84) talks to friend Crispien Van Aelst (51) about his decades-long career as a history teacher in the Chicago Public Schools. Charles reflects on growing up in the Lawndale neighborhood, his philosophy of teaching, and the state of...

Tonia Reaves and Robin Young

Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law Tonia Reaves (51) and Robin Young (23) talk about their experiences in school. They reflect on the impact of racism on their educational upbringings, their experiences adapting to multi-racial school environments, and their hopes for future generations.

Ambar Rizwan and Daanish Rizwan

Siblings Ambar Rizwan (36) and Daanish Rizwan [no age given] discuss their childhoods, going to a predominately white High School, and expectations from their parents. Daanish describes his UX work and his efforts to bring about representation and inclusion. Ambar...

Jeanette Taylor and Angela Ross

Friends Jeanette "Mz. Beatrice" Taylor (48) and Angela Ross (40) discuss their work in response to a local school closing and the need for changes within schooling systems.

William Yadron and Tiffany Woods

Coworkers in special education William Yadron Jr. (52) and Tiffany Woods (36) discuss equitable curriculum, administrative injustices, limitations of pedagogy, prejudice in the classroom, and gaps in access to resources for students.

Cam Be and Andre "Add-2" Daniels

Friends and collaborators Cam Be (41) and Andre "Add-2" Daniels (37) talk about their school experiences, their development as artists, and their current work mentoring young people.

Terry Batey and Sandra Shimon

Colleagues and friends Terry Batey (46) and Sandra Shimon (50) talk about the successes and challenges of the equity work that they have taken on at the Chicago high school at which they work. They reflect on the lessons they've...

Diana Lee Townsend aka Dee, Boppy, Grandee, Granny, Mom

1st interview with our mother/grandmother and how she remembered growing up. David age 49 Derek age 46 Marci age 18 Dee age 81

Tom Huffman and Mark Huffman

Mark Huffman (46) interviewed his brother, Tom (60), following the latter's 60th birthday celebration about the decisions in life that mattered the most, Tom's upcoming heart surgery, and the importance of family.

Burly Brellenthin and Mark Braden

Mark Braden (71) and his uncle Burly Brellenthin (97) discuss Burly's experiences farming, in school, serving in the military, and working at a Chevy dealership.

Robert Maddock and Tami Owen

Tami Owen (49) interviews her uncle Robert Maddock (89) about his life growing up in a military family, his service in the United States Marines Corps, his work, and his two marriages.

Amal Abouassaf and Tammam Abouassaf

Tammam "Tom" Abouassaf (53) talks with his daughter Amal Abouassaf (21) about immigrating to the United States, his experience of culture shock, and what he is most proud of in his life.