Family History Interview

My grandpa has had a pretty memorable life, and has learned many lessons and values. He adores his wife for being there through his thick and thin times. Next, growing up, he also shared Chinese traditions with his family and...

Merideth Wieland and Anita "June" Jeung

Merideth Wieland (54) talked with her Auntie June (Anita Jeung) (96) about June's childhood and family (Chong), including Merideth's father Wilbur Chong. June takes them out at the end with a song.

Samuel Harworth and Valerie Kurth

Spouses Samuel Keith Harworth (41) and Valerie Joyce Kurth (43) talk about meeting each other and moving to Helena, Montana together. They share thoughts and memories so far of experiencing the COVID-19 pandemic together, and talk about where they currently...

My Mother’s Life in China to America

An interview of my mom’s life as a kid in China, from school to home life, to moving to America with my dad.

Elizabeth and Jingrong-Life

A small chat to catch up with each other and a look on past experiences.

Ben Wick and Felice Padma Wick

Ben Wick talks with his mother, Padma Wick, about the journey of her family to the US from Austria during World War II.

Global Education Interview

I am interviewing a family family friend for my college class. She and I talk about her schooling and up-bringing in China.

Sun-Hoo Foo and Farng-Yeong Foo

Sun-Hoo Foo (72) talks with his daughter Farng-Yeong Bruthina Gratiana Foo (41) about tracing their Foo family genealogy, the meanings behind their names, and the importance of family.

Lisa Yee, Norman Chung, and Beryl Chung

Beryl Chung (33) talks with her parents, Lisa Yee (67) and Norman Chung (70), about coming to terms with her Chinese-American identity, moving to China, and growing up as a Chinese-American family.

Jordan Wolle and Philipp Djang

Jordan Wolle (91) talks with his longtime friend Philipp Djang (65) about his experiences in the Marines in World War II and the Korean War and also about his travels as a champion swimmer.

Bailey Collier and Dana Collier

Bailey Collier (18) and her mother, Dana Collier (58), open up about their feelings towards the process of adoption within their family. They share struggles, milestones, and hopes for the future as Bailey prepares for college and Dana continues to...

changing due to religious persecution

In 2001, my dad, Rodney Barnes traveled to China to work on the movie Rush Hour 2. During his work trip, he did not expect to witness a religious persecution. He witnessed the Falun Gong setting themselves on fire for...

Why I Worked for Amway for 25 Years!

Helping others achieve their dreams, goals and their highest potential! Highlights of my 25 year career at Amway Corporation and promoting Nutrilite and Optimal Health around the world!

Hard Work Pays Off the Hannah Jenkins Story

Hannah Jenkins has lived a life surrounded by love. We started talking about her horse Fancy and how they interacted when she was in 6th grade. From then we talked about her experience with her cross country coach at East...

Tracy Xie talks about growing up in China and moving to the United States

In this interview recorded on January 2, 2020 in San Antonio, Texas, Venice Xie (15) asks her mom, Tracy Xie (47) about growing up in China and moving to the United States. Mrs. Tracy explains how her childhood was difficult...

Religion and Immigration: Following a Calling to Integrate Cultures

Here, I talk to my mom and dad about their experiences with their experience as Taiwanese immigrants, and how faith has woven itself into this experience. We touch on the similarities of Christian and Chinese values, as well as how...

Interviewing my grandma

This interview is about my grandmothers memories from her past and some things she learned.

Cole Nenon and his dad Chris Nenon talk about where Chris grew up and about his family.

Cole and his dad (Chris) talk about his favorite memories and what it was like to grow up with his family.

Finding out about my mother’s life

Brian lin asks his mother about her life with a chinese translator. Even though he's her son, this is the first time he's never really spoken to her like this, so he's quite excited and embarrassed at the same. Overall...

Interview with dad

Talked about dads life in China and how he eventually made his way over to America.