Hair Discoloration: What You Should Know to Care for Your Hair

Why are we more attracted to blonde? Surely everyone will have an answer. Of course, if you bet on hair bleaching, we summarize what you should know to care for your hair. So that in addition to white, you look...

My Dad’s experience growing up in Communist China and as a first generation immigrant

I discuss with my dad his upbringing in Shanghai, China during the Cultural Revolution and his first experiences in America as a first-generation immigrant and one of the first Chinese immigrants that immigrated into the US after the reopening of...

Haley Lim asks her grandma Sau Lim about what it was like growing up in China and coming to America.

Haley Lim asks her Grandma Sau Lim about growing up in China and coming to America. Sau explains her initial thoughts and life in America and the process of getting her US Citizenship.

Sophie Brown and Stephanie Lam

Stephanie Lam (61) talks with her daughter, Sophie Brown (18) about her childhood in Toisan, China in the 1960s and what it was like to move to America at 18. She discusses her life in a small village, her experiences...

A memory of my mom’ childhood

My mom' s memory when she was a primary school student

Interviewing my grandpa
December 1, 2020 App Interview

the questions were not in order because i didn’t use them through out. my grandpa immigrated to america in august because his family lived in hawaii. he talks about some experiences living in america, why he doesn’t miss living in...

Kristi Hager and Ginnie Lo discuss the exhibition Equal: A Work in Progress and sisterhood specifically and in general.

Kristi Hager (74) and Ginnie Lo (73) talk about how they got to know each other through Ginnie's sister, Missoula artist Beth Lo. They discuss collaborations between sisters and strong parental role models. Kristi explains why she wanted to include...

Xiaoting’s interview

This photo taken on my birthday, that was a cold day.

Erin and Jun Yang

I asked my Dad about his childhood in China and what it was like to immigrate and live in America

Covid-19 and China

Peter talks about his life experiences being from China and going to school in America. We also discuss the Covid-19 pandemic in both the U.S. and China, and how it has personally affected him and his family.

Chattin with dad

I talked with my dad about certain things that happened in his life and memories

Finding Your Voice Though Change

My Mom Came form China to America without knowing anyone or English. She explains her journey of being seen as different and how she learned to Speak up and stay strong.

Valentina Deng and her mom Maggie share some comments on life

In this interview, recorded on November 2020 in Alamo, California, Valentina Deng (13) interviews her mom, Maggie Deng (53) about life. Maggie talks about how school has had a big impact on her life, and how all the hard work...

Tiffany and Ray

Tiffany (17) talks with her father Ray (55) about his childhood and journey to America.

Family History Interview

My grandpa has had a pretty memorable life, and has learned many lessons and values. He adores his wife for being there through his thick and thin times. Next, growing up, he also shared Chinese traditions with his family and...

Merideth Wieland and Anita "June" Jeung

Merideth Wieland (54) talked with her Auntie June (Anita Jeung) (96) about June's childhood and family (Chong), including Merideth's father Wilbur Chong. June takes them out at the end with a song.

My Mother’s Life in China to America

An interview of my mom’s life as a kid in China, from school to home life, to moving to America with my dad.

Elizabeth and Jingrong-Life

A small chat to catch up with each other and a look on past experiences.