Julia Peck’s Interview 11-28-19

My Mom and I talked mostly about what it was like when she was a kid, and what it was like when I was a baby. I learned more about my Mom through this interview.

My Grandpa Talks About his Experience at Ohio State University During the Vietnam War

I talked to my grandpa about his college experience during the Vietnam War. His memories include instances of riots, tear gas, and tanks on the Ohio State Campus. He also talks about his most vivid memories, his childhood, and his...

Kiddo’s 10-year-old adventure

On his ten-year-old adventure my son Isaiah and I talk about what his happiest memories are and what he’s most thankful for.

On the Topic of Love

Interviewing my mother about the concept of love, and her opinions on the importance of it, as well as the philosophy surrounding it.

Thanksgiving Listen

This interview was about my cousin Yusuf

Day in the life of P

This interview was about my mother and her past. It was also about the wisdom she has for her kids and generations to come.

Career prep interview

This is my career prep interview with my grandma. I asked her a couple of questions about her childhood and some memories.

Sunday’s coffee with mom

The conversation about our life stories in a sunday afternoon.

Grandma’s memories of thanksgiving and gardening

Disscussion of family history with a focus on agriculture and Thanksgiving, leading into a discussion of current traditions and my family’s relationship to agriculture.

FYS Interview about the theme of Legacy with my grandma Deborah by Miranda McCabe

My grandmother and I spoke about her life experiences and how they incorporated themselves into the person she is today. I had no idea that she had so many memories. She is currently going through chemo and so she might...

School project

Conversation between father and daughter for a school project.

Mitchell and Nancy talk about the John F. Kennedy assassination. “I really felt like I knew him.”

Nancy describes her emotions after the attack happened. She was only a kid, so at the time she wasn’t impacted too much. Now that she looks back, she understands the significance of the attack and how this was the spark...

WWII Civilian Life

This interview was about civilian life in Columbus, Ohio during WWII

Education in Columbus

My grandparents and I discussed their career in education. They went in detail on organizations and unions they participated in and how technology changed throughout the course of their careers.

S01: Ep9: A Picture’s Worth: Running for Our Future. Meet Erica Crawley, who is running for Ohio State Rep. in District 26 in November 2018.

The best role models know when to listen, when to offer advice and when to throw down a challenge that can inspire you for the rest of your life. Welcome to the ninth installment of A Picture’s Worth: Running for...