Gregory Edgar Harrell [age not given] interviews his friend Michael Phelps (53) about reconnecting and rekindling their friendship a month ago, after having gone to high school together and having attended their prom in the same group of friends back...

Marcus and Qaani Girard

Marcus interviewed Qaani on his life and his struggles. It is very interesting.


Karen Feigh (40) interviews her colleagues and fellow Georgia Tech aerospace engineering professors Jeff Jagoda (70) and Lakshmi Sankar (68) about their teaching and research careers at Georgia Tech.

Grove Park Summer 2019

This interview was about changes in the Grove Park community. David, a long term member of Groge Park’s church, was kind enough to share his opinions on the matter and how the place has evolved over the years.

The Life Story of Tangerine Summers

Tangerine shares a love of bringing community together, with love, fun, and really pretty clothes.

Life of my Diabetic Roommate

My roommate, Max London talks about his life, diabetes, and his time with his service dog.

Interview with Papa

I spoke with my Papa about some general life questions. He has dementia so I tried to pick questions that would not frustrate him and questions that would not be too hard for him.

Who is Sam?

We discuss the dynamic of our relationship and life experiences that shaped sams life.

Interview With My Mom

We talked about my mom’s family heritage, her history, and asked some interesting questions.

Meeting Mimi

In this interview I questioned my grandma, Mazie Stone which I call Mimi about her ancestors

Whipping it with mom

It is about Family History and immigrating to the United States.

My interview

I took the time today to ask my father about the relationship of how he met my mom.

Dismas and Ann Ficklen discuss how society is different across generations.

Ann Ficklen talks about how life was like growing up. This includes society, the status quo back then, the atmosphere, schooling, entertainment, and many more.

Dave Schoen talks to Yasmin Misra about his childhood and his experiences later on in life as an educator

On November 21, 2018 in Dallas, Texas, Yasmin Misra (16) and Dave Schoen (74), family friends, discuss Mr. Schoen’s childhood and Norwegian upbringing in rural Wisconsin. Mr. Schoen also talks about teaching as a university professor in Indiana and how...