Sadie’s Dad’s Side Family History

This interview is a story of my father’s side of his family. The interview includes stories of immigration and what life was like.

Colin Garrett Block 6 Interview with my grandpa.

I recorded with my grandfather. We recorded it in my dining room on May 6th. He is from Germany and will be talking mostly about his past and present.

Interview with Edward Quintanilla

Edward Quintanilla’s time in the army during Cold War and the Cuban Missle Crisis.

Question with mom

I learned how my family came to the U.S. frome Europe. I also learned about my great ancestors

How Opa came to America

We talked about what it was like traveling to America – in a different way from most.

How Omi immigrated into the United States

We talked about how Omi got from Germany to America and how she felt during the trip.

Grandparents Interview

We talked about PopPop’s childhood, when he met my Nana and giving advice

Kaleb and Grandpa Baxter

Sat down and talked with my Grandpa Baxter, an Air Force Veteran and amazing Grandfather.

family history project interview

I talked to both my grandparents and asked them about they’re past!

Millitary talk

My grandpa talking about his father and step father, and the war they where in.