This is a recording of me asking my boyfriend a few of the suggested questions.

Bolu’s story

I will be talking about a struggle that still have an affect on my life

Talking to my mom about her life.

From earliest memories in the 1940’s to the civil rights movement in the 1960’s American south to thoughts about the future beyond 2018 Nancy talks about her life and points of view.

LP – Smile Saving Assets

This is a short story on how my individuality created hardships for me within my small town, and how my resilience helped me get through it with a smile.

Sheryl’s life

This interview talks about what my moms life. She talks about important people in her life. She also talks about important times in her life.

Mrs. Hinch

Mrs. Hinch talks about growing up in North Carolina with her siblings, going to the theatre, civil rights, and moving North.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

This is my inverview for my project I had to do at school

Our family is so lucky to be together on Thanksgiving. This is our first year that my husband and I have BOTH of our parents living locally. This is a recording of our laughs and stories during our meal (complete...

Sophie’s Walk with the Lord

Sophie talks about her experience finding Jesus and how He works on and through her through Greensboro YoungLife.