Krumpin 4 Success, Inc. Making an Impact: Candid conversation with Youth Advocate Shanna Carter & Youth Natasha Baker

This interview is about the genuine dedication and advocacy Shanna Carter, Founder of Krumpin 4 Success has for every young person that comes through the various programs. Shanna and one youth talk about the program and its benefit on both...

Thanksgiving interview

I learned a lot about my mom in this interview, I asked her some question I never thought to ask her before.

Betty Douglas’s 98th birthday

Betty’s memories of growing up near the beach, in the years of the Depression

Brenda and Bob Levins

How Brenda Myers met Bob Levins. Today, November 2nd, 2018 is the 27th wedding anniversary and the 31st anniversary of their meeting.

Michelle talks food

It was a brief interview with Michelle an American about her views on Traditional Haitian and American food.

Ben interview session

Ben session was an amazing time to know his great parents. He has a strong family with nice values.

Harold Searcy Life & Times Part lll

Aviation trading thru Corpus Christi and Jacksonville. Ending with first trip to the Great Lakes for Carrier training.

This is an interview with my grandma CiCi and she talks about her childhood and my mom.

This interview was conducted on Monday November 20, 2017. I interviewed my grandma, Denise Wilkinson, in Austin, Texas. She told me about growing up and what she did in high school and after. We talked about how she met my...