Naomi 7y/o

I talked to Naomi about Parents, siblings and school.

Thanksgiving interview 3000 miles apart

We talked about him his regrets memories and advice he’d give to me

Interview with Zach Wolff

I asked Zach about his past and asked him how he reflects on his students.

Savannah Gilliland and Mother

Savannah Gilliland and her mother, Kerry Gilliland,talk about life advice in a lighthearted fashion.

Alexia Almaraz habla con su madre Alicia Acosta sobre cómo fue su infancia.

Fue una conversación súper linda donde mi madre me cuenta como fue su infancia y algunas cosas de la vida, también con un final con un mensaje para mi que fue muy lindona emotivo.

Jordan Hall interviews his great grandfather Bill Skinner, who is currently on hospice.

Throughout the interview many questions are asked to my grandfather. We discussed what he is most grateful for. We talked about his time in the air force and how it affected his life. He explained to me what he wishes...

Thanksgiving Listen Interview with my Great Grandma about her childhood and life

Talked about my great grandmas life and how she grew up. What kind of home she lived in. How she met my great grandpa and how thy started their family and business. Conversed about past wishes and dreams.

Alyson Pringle talks with her grandma about her childhood

Alyson Pringle speaks with her grandma, Dorothy Ramsey about her childhood & the love that got away. She also spoke of her strict father and how she still got away with a lot as a child. We spoke on Lincoln...

Kailey Bean and her dad, Scott, talk about Kailey’s grandma, and what life has been like since her passing.

I’m this interview, in November 2018, Kailey Bean(17) interviews her dad Scott Bean(52) about her deceased grandmother, Shirley. They talk about what life was like when her grandmother was alive, and how life has changed since her passing. Scott talks...

Autumn Ellis talks to her Grandparents about their life!

This interview was recorded over the phone. My Grandparents were in Salem and I was in Lincoln City. We talked all about their life from childhood to now. They shared with me some of their favorite memories of people in...