Crimes of the Past

In summer of 2014 sixteen year old high school sophomore from San Antonio went out with friends on a warm Saturday night in July. Before it was all said and done two people were arrested, one was out a months...

my mom

we talked about a funny story that happened to my mom in law school.

English Interview

The interview took place in Nashville, TN, on November, 19, 2018. My grandmother, Patricia Sagen (Grammy) lived in Lubbock, Texas until 1969. Until her junior year of high school, her schools had been segregated. One black boy did however go...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview – Todd Elkins

In this interview my and my mother talked about her life. We talked about everything from her childhood, her family growing up, to her favorite sports.

Love at First Sight

Nana and I talked about her love story with her husband of 47 years.

Thanksgiving interview

In this interview, my grandfather and I discussed his daily life in the Navy and how he met my grandmother.