The path to a great achievement.

This is an interview about the top malaysian amateur golfer, her experiences and family.

My family

This is me and my mother talking about her childhood and our family.

My Immigrant Story

My American began in 1956 when I moved with my family from cosmopolitan Mexico City to a cotton plantation in rural Missouri at the age of nine. It tells how I assimilated into this country and eventually became an American...

Dads Review

We talked about what things my dad was grateful for and most proud of.

My mom

What was we talk about was thing about my mom

Oma’s interview

We talked about my grandmas life and struggles she has had throughout life to grow stronger.

Interviewing my Grandma on Thanksgiving

I interview my grandma on the Thanksgiving of 2019

Dai Pham and her grandma, Van Hoang, talk about Hoang’s life, before and after she came to the U.S.

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in Fort Worth, Texas, Dai Pham (16) interviews her grandma, Van Hoang about her life in the U.S. They talk about Hoang’s life in Florida and how she raised Pham’s dad. Hoang also...


Me and my dad have a conversation and in that conversation I ask him 10 questions about home life.

A funny conversation with my dad whos retired from the army

Today we talked about my dads past, what his life has been like, and his experience in the army!

Thanksgiving interview

Our family traditions, and our favorite memories and times we celebrated together.

Jerry and Candace Furlong

Jerry and Candace discuss there lives from childhood to adulthood to becoming grandparents from the 1950s to 2019.


I interviewed my Grandmother, my father’s mom. Judy was born during the depression and is 81 years old. She had a happy life with little regrets.

A New Beginning Part 2

This is my second interview with Kobe Walker. I ask him about his college experience, how it's been adjusting to the college life, and how he feels about loans.

A New Beginning

My name is Kobé Tanner and I'm interviewing my roommate Kobe Walker. This interview is about college and his experience during this first month of classes.

Never Losing Yourself

Here is an Interview with Damarco Fitz. He is 18 years old, and he tells me about his life with his fathers absence