Family interview

We talked about the upbringing of her family, and how it was growing up.

Twin Talk with Tori

Tori shares her story about growing up with a her twin brother Dylan. Dylan has down syndrome and Tori does not (a 14 in a million statistic). Listen to hear more about these fun, loving, and interesting pair of siblings.

Jake and Chloe

Jake (17) interviews his older sister, Chloe (22), about their Grandfather that recently passed away.

Samantha Labens

I asked Samantha a series of questions about her personal spiritual beliefs and experiences. She considers herself an ‘Omnist’, and finds varying beliefs from across the world accomodating.

Getting to know my mom’s experience with religion

Getting to know my mom’s history with religion! I knew she went to catholic schools but I didn’t know what she still did in her personal life now vs then and what her views are now.

Interview with Ma – Part 1 "so yeah, if it was quirky or weird it was because I was quirky or weird too"

Part 1 of a conversation with my grandmother, who I call Ma. We have always been very close, and I know she loves to talk and tell stories, so was a perfect candidate for this sort of project. We sit...

Linda Whitney interview

I tried to pick questions about my stepmom that would of happened before I knew her that way I would know more about her.

Lisa Williams interview

Interview of Lisa Jean Bailargeon Williams, by Christian and Solomon Williams

Rachel and Andrea Riggs- A great thanksgiving!

I’m rachel riggs and today I interviewed my mother about her life and how important it is to her and who is in her life!

“It’s a service of humility”

“Life in the priesthood is one of humility,” says Michael Hennessy in this interview recorded shortly before his May 2018 ordination as a priest. Hennessy is a New Englander who started thinking about being a priest when he was teaching...

My Italian Ancestors

We talked about my mom’s history and how things were when her family was growing up

My family immigration story!

My grandfather and I talked about the relatives in our family and how they came over from Finland and England

Sherman Interview

Interview for Heronfield Academy- Humanities

Interview with My Dad (Jasinski 10z)

We talked about my dad’s life from when he was a kid to when he was an adult. We also talked about some of his favorite memories with me.