Getting to know my little sister better

It’s about an older brother wanting to know more about his sister and her thoughts about some stuff

Sophie Brown and Stephanie Lam

Stephanie Lam (61) talks with her daughter, Sophie Brown (18) about her childhood in Toisan, China in the 1960s and what it was like to move to America at 18. She discusses her life in a small village, her experiences...

Grandma’s achievements and wisdom

We discussed my grandmothers top greatest achievements in life. She talked about the person who influenced her the most in life which is her mother. Finally, she gave a piece of advice to hold onto forever.

Interview With A Twin Sister- Erin and Maggie Salko

Maggie and Erin Salko talk about what it was like growing up as twins. They share their hopes for one another and their plans for the future.

Interviewing my aunt

In this interview my aunt explained some of her life memories growing up.I was able to learn a lot of things I didn’t know of.

With my grandma

My grandma talked about her childhood and being a mother and being the child of immigrant parents.

New York to Old York: Interview with a ‘69er

This is an interview by 20 year old Darlene Johnson with her 51 year old dad, Kevin Taylor, about what life was like back then from a media and technological standpoint.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about her work life. We also spoke about how COVID affected her life especially in the work she does being a nurse

A Great Interview with my Dad

We talked about my dads life growing up, his job as a Correctional Officer, his background(ethnicity), and family.

Interview With My Dad

We talked about his career mostly and how he succeeded as an immigrant.


Talked about his influences to become a comic artist, how his childhood experiences led to the international and creative life he has. Looking back into his life, we talked about some of his proudest moments in life, both professionally and...

Eths family interview

I’m this summary we talked about my Nana’s childhood. We also talk about my father growing up and major moments in her lifetime.

Interview with Terence Hughes

Interviewing my dad and asking him questions about his work and his life.

A Brooklyn Teacher during 9/11

My mom was a teacher in Brooklyn during 9/11. She discusses what occurred in her school on that day and effects it had on NYC

A Conversation With A Die Hard Mets Fan

Me and my father Jeff Denzler discuss how he became and Mets fan and some of his most memorable moments

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview

We talked about his childhood and what happened while he was growing up. We talked about his favorite job ( retiring ) and how he would like to be remembered.