A creative–and a priest

Growing up as an only child afforded Paulist Fr. Tom Holahan a huge imaginary world, where his creativity was nurtured. He loved the creative life and exploring the world so much that he couldn’t see himself taking on the responsibility...

Sidney Fiarman

We talked about my father’s experience as the child of Jewish immigrants who escaped World War II. He described growing up in an all-immigrant neighborhood in the Bronx in the 1930s.

Artie Ripp's Childhood and his Place in the Music Industry

“It was very loud, greasy, noisy, and something you wanted to get away from” (0:17-0:27). On January 2nd, 2019 in Valley Village, California, Ari (15) and her grandfather, Artie Ripp, sat down to discuss his circumstances growing up and his...

Interview for 9/11

I talked with my mom about her experience with 9/11. and what kind of ways it effected her and her family

Interviewing mom #NORTHSIDECHIRICO

This is about me asking my mom about her childhood and a little bit about my culture. This includes songs from Puerto Rico that are very famous. But as you will find in this interview, she had a tough childhood....

My father’s past

What his life was like back then and what they did during that time.

Mom’s Love
October 5, 2018 App Interview

The mom’s is really important to Xingcen. He respect to his mom’s love and how he express his love to his mom without words.

Interviewing my mother…

In this interview I sat down to talk with my mother about her childhood and why she decided to come to the U.S for a better life. She spoke to me about some of her struggles growing up and how...

Obama’s Inauguration

My father shares his feelings about the first Black President given the long history of oppression within the United States against people of color, in particular Black people, how he was effected about the policies of the Obama administration and...

The 1980s Crack/Cocaine Epidemic in NYC

Looking at another lense of the crack/cocaine epidemic in NYC and how it has affected those.

Mother/Daughter Interview

My mother travels out of the country often and this interview zooms into our life and how traveling has impacted her and our lives

Yolanda Rojo 1/7/18

1st interview with my mom to talk about her past and what she is grateful for.

Detective William Starr Schweitzer- a True Star
December 5, 2017 App Interview

Haley Edyn Schweitzer interviews her 73 year-old retired NYPD policeman father, William Starr Schweitzer about his career and his accomplishments. “If you do the right thing and work hard, you can make something out of your life.” – William Starr...

Who is Nilufa?

I had a conversation with my mother and we talked about some part of her life. I told her what I think of her and how important she is in my life.