Grandma Takes Over

My 76 year old grandmother recounts her many, many memories of growing up in the fifties and the end times of her life.

Artist Stories – Bevin Victoria

In this interview Bevin Victoria speaks with Emily Running about her life and career in dance.

Dads story and bonding

Me, and my father Paul, talked about various topics such as our past memories and adventures, as well as both of our difficulties and successes in life.

Claire James on Losing her Mom and Raising her Sister

Claire lost her mother at a relatively young age to tuberculosis. She was left to care for her younger sister which led to a life long close relationship into adulthood.

Mom’s Life Story – Part 1 December 2018

An initial interview with mom to talk about childhood memories

Maria Tucker Artist Stories Interview

A conversation with Maria Tucker about her life as a professional dancer. Maria shares her thoughts on the importance of mentorship for young dancers, how dancing is for everybody at any age. She also talks about her experiences working with...

Darroch and Tracy discuss being a Power of Attorney for a non-family member.

Darroch talks with his friend, Tracy, about being a Power of Attorney for a non-family member who resides in a Long Term Care facilility in a different state. The interview ends with advice to others who are considering becoming a...

Paige Munsey & Steve Allen – Courage Interview

Steve Allen, raised in California, but moved to Vancouver, WA talks about his experience being an EMT and police officer.

Stranger Interview: Andy Solano – Herrera

In this interview, Andy speaks about his aspirations, family, bought a on life and death as well as his passions.

Dad’s Interview

I talked with my dad about his life, his marriage to my mom, his hobbies, and much more. This is a small recap of Eddy’s life and what he has learned being 53 years old.

Family History

Interview with my Dad, Peter Perkins. Gives answers about his life.

My neighbor Everett

My neighbor, Everett Soucek, tell about his childhood, portland, hours time in the military, school, and ancestors. Worth listening to.

Interview for World History

We talked about favorite memories and just a little bit about me and my mom’s relationship

My interview my dad
November 26, 2017 App Interview

We talk about childhood, jobs, my mother, and how we would like to be remembered.

My Son Dan

My son and I talked about the writing life and how we would describe each other to people who didn’t know us.

Artist Stories – Jack Stocklynn
September 21, 2017 App Interview

Conversation with Jack Stocklynn about aerial, circus, Sir Cupcake and the importance of being true to yourself from the inside out.