Los Cuentos de la Niñez de Mi Abuela

Yo entreviste mi abuela, Cecelia Restrepo de su niñez, donde crecio, y como fue su vida.

Clock Hands of Time

This is a fun and loving interview with my grandmother. This includes lots of classic family stories and the life of my grandmother.

Emotional memories

In this interview, John Blazy (my grandpa), and I talk about his past, present and future outlook on his life, through the positive and negative. Throughout his life he witnessed his father die, and his own sister. He looked up...

A call from across the country that will make you smile

In this interview my great grandpa, Richard Mast explains his childhood, to his adulthood, and even when he served in the Vietnam War. He expresses the way he met and how he proposed to my late great grandmother (who I...

A call from across the country that will make you smile

My Uncle Sean is in the background to help my great grandfather hear. I ask him questions about his childhood and throughout his adult hood, not mention he also served in the navy and helped our country in countless ways

Three Mile Island, truck driver delivery

Gordon Wagner, now 79, recalls a delivery he made to Three Mile Island nuclear facility shortly after the 1979 radiation leak.

Devlin/Balbo Family history

Conversation with my great aunt about family history where she grew up in Leechburg, pa and where she went after

Abby Prosser interviews her grandfather, Don Prosser

Abby Prosser interviews her grandfather, Don Prosser in Plumstead, Pennsylvania on January 10, 2020. They discuss Don’s story, as he was the youngest eagle scout in the United States giving him the opportunity to attend West Point off full scholarship...

A Life’s Journey.

Today, Rina Notani interviewed her mother, Simran Notani, in New Hope, PA, for her StoryCorps interview. She was born August 30, 1977. In my interview, they explored her childhood and past. Rina learned some good life lessons along the way....

Chris O'Brien Jaeger Interview HE9

Christopher O’Brien and his Grandfather, Patrick O’Brien, talk about the advances in technology seen from and older generation. Also, Mr. O’Brien was a navy veteran before the Vietnam war and discusses memories from the past. Being born in Philadelphia would...

Matthew Cozza comments on his time working for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations

On January 1, 2020 in Pennsylvania, Sophia Cozza (14) interviewed Matthew Cozza (43) about his time working for the FAO. He comments on how long the hiring process took, and what daily life looks like on the job. He also...

Emmet Roberts and his mother Krishan Tera Kaur talk about her parent’s divorce.

In this interview, recorded in January 2020 in New Hope, Pennsylvania, Emmet Roberts (15) interviews his mother Krishan Tera Kaur about her experience with her parents’ divorce during her childhood. She also includes further details about her father’s coming out...

John Boles: Lieutenant Colonel, US Air-Force

Malcolm Raupp interviews John Boles, who was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Vietnam War. John is Malcolm’s step-grandfather. John talks about missions he performed while in the Air-Force such has, rescue missions, dropping bombs and napalm, and many other tasks....

Sam Henry and his mother Leigh Henry discuss her experiences as a young teacher in Florida.

On January 4, 2020, Sam Henry (15) interviewed his mother Leigh Henry (44) about her first year living on her own teaching at a high school in Tallahassee, Florida. Mrs. Henry speaks about what she did directly out of college...

Alexa and her Aunt Fran talk about what it takes to run a marathon in all fifty states and seven continents.

High school freshman, Alexa Hayden, interviews her aunt, Fran Macavinta, on December 29th, 2019, at Alexa’s home in Solebury, Pennsylvania. Fran Macavinta was born in 1965 and began running at 39 years old in 2004. She embarked on her running...

Story time with Jennifer Phillips

I learned that my mom made lots oaf mistakes when she was younger, such as, addiction and how she had lost some people when doing drugs

I’m still able to make my own decisions.

Miss Emma Rhodes is 94 years old. She has 3 sons. She is in a nursing home in Stanton Heights, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Liam’s interview with his mother.

Her child and family. Also how things have changed.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My neighbor Mr. Koehler shared with me the story of his childhood and his life growing up. He shared his proudest moments and happiest times. He told the story of his father and brother in the armed forces and how...

Hannah Slaughenhoupt and her mom Oleva talk about growing up and the big lessons that life has taught her.

In this interview, conducted on December 2nd, 2019 in Sarver, PA, Hannah Slaughenhoupt (16) interviews her mom Oleva Slaughenhoupt (48). They discuss all aspects of Oleva’s life from her childhood, marriage, and career. Oleva looks back on many fond memories...