GrandPapa_June 2019

I talked to my grandfather on June 10, 2019. My grandfather is my mother’s father, and he is 89 years old. My papa shared about his life experiences and fun memories.

Interview with a chemist

I sit down and talk to my girlfriend about her job and her route int becoming a chemist!

Growing up with Meg and Julia

This is an interview with my lovely mother. It gives a glimpse of her childhood and growing up with 7 other siblings.

Talk with my Grandmother!

We talked about anything from life stuff to silly questions! We both learned a lot about each other and it was so much fun.

Part 2 of the interview with my 96-year-old Haitian grandmother, Laura

In the second part of our conversation, Laura talks about her brother, Ary, the former Minister of Public Health in Haiti who as murdered in 2000. She discusses if she regrets leaving Haiti, and talks about what it’s like knowing...

Interview with Joyce Frye

Joyce Frye, resident of Morrison Village (2503 Old Mobile Ave, Pascagoula, MS 39567) is interviewed by Reba Brown, Library Assistant 1 from Singing River Genealogy-Local History Library on Thursday, May 16, 2019. Ms. Frye discusses her pets, why she moved...

Interview with grandma

I interviewed my grandma about her childhood and our heritage.

New Career on the Horizon

Newly minted CNA’s discuss their shared class and clinical experiences

Working at American Viscose

American Viscose employed over 1500 people in the community of Meadville, Pennsylvania from 1930 before closing under the name Avtex in 1985. At it’s preak, the plant produced 22,000,000 tons of synthetic fiber. These stories capture the memories of those...

Journey to the Center of Eric

This conversation focused on the impact of religion on his life. As well as how his past has shaped his present and future.

Bob Andrews

Adventures of Bob and all the many experiences he had from the army to job in the United States