Parte de la Vida de Ana Fuentes

Esta entrevista es sobre la infancia y la vida de Ana Best. Nació y creció en México, pero ahora vive con su familia en los Estados Unidos. Como estudiante de la Universidad, tuve que hacerle preguntas sobre su vida y...

La Entrevista de la Vida de Ana Cooper de Caracas Venezuela

Nosotros hablamos sobre la vida de Ana Cooper en Venezuela y cómo su vida cambió después de mudarse a los Estados Unidos a una edad muy joven. Ella describe sis recuerdos favoritos de Venezuela y cómo era Venezuela para ella.

From tractors to horses — One man's move from commercial to small-scale sustainable farming in Tennessee

Meet at 75 year old Vietnam Vet in Trenton, TN. Jimmy Klein pioneered using horses versus tractors to create sustainable farms and has over 2000 people how to farm with horses versus motorized tractors. He’s also an avid beekeeper and...

A Life Like Ours

Me and my family talked about everything. Ourselves growing up, where we are from, what we did growing up. Our favorites like television shows, music, and movies. We talked about memories, mainly happy memories because we’re cryers. At least, me...

My Grandmother’s Adventurous Lifestyle

This interview was about my grandmother, Pearline Washburn’s childhood memories leading up to her memories now. It tells a story about how courageous and true she is in her life.

Interviewing my Teacher
February 12, 2019 App Interview

Interviewing with my teacher at White Station High School. She talks about growing up, teaching at school, and technology in general.

What advice do you have for me about being a parent?

Lisa talks to her son, Ben, about the values and experiences that informed her priorities as a single mother of 3. She describes growing up in West Virginia, the challenges of raising high spirited boys, and finding strength and resilience...

Chattanooga College Students Discuss Sexuality 2

This is another conversation between two UTC students discussing sexuality. They provide relevant personal background information while describing their own sexual identity.

My amazing mom!!

I asked my mom about her child hood, and a little bit about mine.

Interview with My Wonderful Parents

In this interview, my Mom, my Dad, and I talk about life. We talk about their lives when they were my age, and how their lives are now. We also talked about where they want to see me in the...

Rose Rezaee and her mom Soheila Mansourianpour talk about her childhood in Iran and immigration.

In this interview, conducted in December 2018 in Memphis, Tennessee, Rose Rezaee interviews her mother Soheila Mansourianpour about her upbringing in Iran and emigration. She explains the place and atmosphere of her childhood as well as her family’s influence. She...

Chattanooga College Students Discuss Sexuality

This is a conversation between two UTC students discussing sexuality. They provide relevant personal background information while describing their own sexual identity.

2018,Great Thanksgiving Listen
November 30, 2018 App Interview

We basically talked about what my mom’s childhood was like and what’s she did throughout her life.

Interview with aunt

I Interviewed my Aunt and I asked her about her life growing up and her life today.

Lessons learned: Growing up in a sharecroper’s family.

This is an interview with my stepmother’s mother. We talked about what it was like growing up in a poor sharecropper’s family, and how through hard work and education anyone can achieve a successful happy life.

Daddy’s Interview

My father, Alan Hardrick, talks about his how his past decisions have affected his life now and his wishes for his family today.

The Story of Kadiatu Sheriff

Kadiatu Sheriff, my mother, gives me a look into her struggle in Africa, her move to the U.S., and how she adjusted to the American lifestyle.

The Moving Train

This is an interview for The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018. Myself, Alia Yannone, interview my grandmother, Judy Smith in Brigantine, New Jersey on November 22, 2018. We discuss how my grandma grew up and what she has experienced over her...