Insight of the Life of Kathy Humphries, My Mom.

This is just a little story about the the life of my mom, Kathy Humphries. This interview was done in Henderson, Nevada as she was interviewed by her daughter, Danika aka me. As I ask her questions, ranging from my...

Gammy’s intellegiant Words of Wisdom(:

Gammy discusses the wonderful experiences of the past and reflects on how great life is.

My Bloodline and History.

We talked about where my ancestors were from and how she grew up and about her being in school.

Jay Stahl

Jay talks about some of his happiest moments in life.

Family Interview

A litte summary of my mother and what it was like for her growing up?

Sister-Vegan Lifestyle

My sister changes her lifestyle as she goes from eating naturally to being vegetarian then evolving into a vegan. And as she tell her struggle and achievements of her being vegan.

My Life’s Story

I tell you all my life story, that has no plot

Natalie Pallis’ Story

My original thoughts before I joined the cheer squad and how I felt after making every single hard decision

Final Interview-

Talk with my JROTC Master Sergeant about life and the military