Talk with my godfather

I had a talk with my godfather. We talked about him and his family

Entrevista entre madre e hija: Dolores Madera y Ariana Solis

This is an interview conducted for my SOWK 732 class at Loyola University Chicago in MSW program through the School of Social Work. The interview was conducted with my mother, Dolores, regarding her experiences as an immigrant from Mexico.

A very special interview with my mom.

We talk about her life, and at the end, I have a realization and get emotional. I realized all I have going for me and that I really appreciate my parents.

Craig Umscheid and Michael Wong Interview Each Other for the AAMC CMO Leadership Academy

Craig Umscheid (46) and Michael Wong (55) interview each other as colleagues in the AAMC CMO Leadership Academy. They discuss how they chose a career in medicine, how the events of 2020 have changed their worldviews, what the future holds,...

Aaron Atkins and Ariyah Smith

Aaron Atkins (32) and his friend Ariyah Cyrhen Smith (29) talk about race and racism in the small midwestern town where they grew up, as well as their friendship, their passions in life, and how they want to be remembered....

Ariyah Smith and Aaron Atkins

Ariyah Smith [no age given] and her friend, Aaron Atkins (32), talk about family, friends, race, growing up in Alton, IL, and how the COVID-19 Pandemic has affected their lives.

Eric Walker and Tracey Northern

Eric Walker (49) and his brother, Tracey Northern (48), talk about growing up in Alton, IL, their family, the upcoming election, COVID-19, and the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

Imani Johnson and Kevin Johnson

Imani Johnson (21) talks to her father, Kevin Johnson (51) about his experiences growing up in Chicago and how these experiences shaped him into the man he is today. They talked about his childhood, family, and his life as a...

Todd Gulley and Tom Lusitana

Todd Gulley talks with Tom Lusitana about his family, his time in the military and about his ethnicity.

My Great Grandmas Life

Mackenzie Mares and her great grandmother have a discussion about her life. For example, her close relationship with her family.

Nick Falco and Monica Falco

Nick Falco (17) son of Monica Falco (45) talk about mom's beliefs and feelings. Also talked about her childhood and the current pandemic.

My Sisters College Experience

I talk with my sister about her college experience and her journey from high school to college and how she made friends. And different ways which Coronavirus affected her school year.

How the Coronavirus is Affecting My Family

I talked to my family (mom, dad, two sisters) about the coronavirus and how it is affecting them.

Tony Pastor LHP Project with Richard Pastor

I interviewed my dad about stuff that went on during the 1960’s in America. He was ages 7-17 during that time.

Yomari's Community (en Español)

Yomari shares her story about employment, housing, and food insecurity. She reminisces how vacations back home in Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic are temporary escapes from the hardships of poverty. Through her work with La Casa Norte she has...