Meet Decoy Carver, Collector, & Tradition-bearer: Gene Marshall

Folklife Director Lesley Schierenbeck interviews Gene Marshall, of Forked River, New Jersey. He discusses his passion for decoy collection, his techniques of carving, his craftsmanship of the working decoy, and his mentor in the field, his father, George Marshall. Photographs...

Meet Decoy Carver Jack Murray of Cape May, New Jersey

Folklife Director Lesley Schierenbeck interviews Cape May native decoy carver Jack Murray about his apprenticeship with J.P. Hand of Cape May, his passion for carving, and why decoy carving is a unique folk art.

Jeff Quattrone of the Library Seed Bank of New Jersey

Folklife Director Lesley Schierenbeck interviews Jeff Quattrone of the Library Seed Bank about the Folklife Foodway of Jersey Tomato seeds and their impact. Listeners will learn about history of seed banks, and their impact on community outreach and history.

Al-nisa Petty and Ezra Vallecillo

Friends Al-nisa Petty (33) and Ezra Vallecillo (33) share their thoughts on the meaning of home, community, and personal growth.

La vida de mi tía Janet

Mi tía, Janet Rodriguez, 37, nos cuenta su vida que ella y su familia tuvieron para tener la oportunidad de vivir cómodamente. Ella describe todos los desafíos que tuvo ella y su mamá, para soportar la familia en Ecuador y...

Chris, Judy, and Jenny Hunter

Jenny Hunter (45) interviewed her parents Judy Hunter (74) and Chris Hunter (73) about their childhoods in Rhode Island and New Jersey, how they met at Brown University in 1968, their decision to get married, the early years of their...

Robert Sherrill and Jannis Schilling Sherrill

Husband and wife Robert "Bob" Sherrill (70) and Jannis "Jann" Schilling Sherrill (68) talk about their experience as a military couple and reflect on the many places that they have lived over the years.

Lessons and Memories With My Dad

In this summary I asked my dad who is 65 years old some questions about his life and also questions about my life. He shared a lot about his life and my life as well in this interview.

Barbara Paskin Secretary of Albert Music Hall | Pinelands Cultural Society

Barbara Paskin discusses with Folklife Director Lesley Schierenbeck about her time as a female folk musician, her role within the Albert Music Hall Community, and how music has played a significant role in her life.

Women in Folk: Danielle Marrone Vice President of Albert Music Hall | Pinelands Cultural Society

Danielle Marrone speaks with Folklife Director Lesley Schierenbeck about the history of Pinelands Folk Culture at Albert Hall, her presence as a female folk musician, and the preservation and history of Albert Hall's female folk scene.

Gary Hance's Incredible 4th Grade Find!

Gary Hance talks with Folkllife Director Lesley Schierenbeck about his childhood find of what he thinks could appear to be a Lenape dugout canoe off of the shores of Manahawkin, New Jersey. The vessel was found off of the property...

Emily Tompkins and Joseph Loftus

One Small Step partners Emily Tomkins (29) and Joseph "Joe" Loftus (68) discuss their different political beliefs and find common ground around income inequality and being "introverts."

Sylvia Camp Svarzbein and Peter Svarzbein

Peter Svarzbein (42) interviews his mother, Sylvia Camp Svarzbein (76), about her family, her childhood memories, and her life.

Me and my Mom

Interview with me and my mom

Lou and Julie Melini

Lou and Julie talk about their childhoods, family, adventures biking and hiking, and how important being a team has been for them and their family.

Aaron(student) and Joseph(father) Yang

In this audio, I interview my father, Joseph. We recorded this on January 6, 2023, in he city of Fullerton, California.

Interview with my Grandmother

My name is Hayden luck and I am 14 years old and I interviewed my grandmother Clayton Lowe talked about memories, jobs and experiences.

Interview with my grandmother

Carole Dreger, 80, my grandmother. World War 2. Cold War. Vietnam. Meeting and marrying my grandfather. Teaching. Childhood memories. Fashion and music of the time.

Interview with Dr. Samuel A. Ollio

On January 5, 2023, in Lambertville, NJ, John Whelan (15) interviewed his grandfather, Dr. Samuel A. Ollio (84) about his early childhood growing up in town, as well as his baseball career throughout college and beyond. He talks about his...

Behind Lina Masri’s Eyes during COVID-19

My name is Julie Masti, and I am nineteen years old. I currently go to University of Washington in Seattle. I am interviewing my mother, Lina Masri, who currently resides in New Jersey. Lina has an extremely interesting story to...

Interview with Grandma

I interviewed my Grandmother, Diane Simonelli. She is 77 years old. I asked her to tell me a little bit about any stories/songs she remembers as a child, if she has remained in contact with any childhood friends, how her...

Humble granny talks with interested granddaughter.

This interview takes place in November 2022 in Flint, Mi , Tori Hopkins (15) interviews her grandmother Ora Taylor (81) about her childhood. Ms. Taylor shares stories about 9/11, retiring and life after highschool. She also talks about different jobs...

"So I caused a little trouble coming into the world too"
December 8, 2022 App Interview

Rita Bowman (58) talks to her daughter, Sam Armengolt (16), about her childhood and what she has learned throughout her life. Born into a lower class family, Rita took care of her younger siblings while growing up; at 18 she...