Suzanne Cardner and Florence Mosher

Suzanne Cardner (59) interviews her mentee Florence Mosher (57) about her experiences at East House in Rochester, her life goals, her family, and the relationship they share.

Nikki Stewart and Jerrell Cox

Friends Nikki Stewart (38) and Jerrell Cox (36) share a conversation about new jobs, the Black Lives Matter movement and social justice, and the ways that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their lives.

Zakaria Davis and Nancy Zook

Zakaria Davis (19) talks to her new acquaintance, Nancy Zook (55), about her life, her family and friends, how she feels to be graduating from high school, and her hopes and goals for the future.

Tiffany Robinson and William White

Tiffany Robinson (41) has a conversation with her son William James White (22) about growing up in Robbins, Illinois, the influence of the city in their lives, some of the stories of their grandparents, and their hopes for the future...

Amanda Ebokosia and Brittany Hale

Amanda Ebokosia (35) and her colleague Brittany Hale (32) discuss The Gem Project, what they have learned through advocacy work, and share their messages to young people making a difference.

Sabrina King and Stephanie Williams

Sabrina King (20) interviews Stephanie Williams (51) about her experience organizing and advocating for her community, reflecting on the barriers she has overcome as a Black woman in politics and the importance of representation. In 2018, Stephanie became the first...

Veda Robbins and Vernetta Henson

Veda Robbins (54) and her mother Vernetta Henson (74) talk about food, family, and careers. They reflect on the difference between finding a passion and being a curious hummingbird.

Tori Brasher-Weathers and Tamekia Jackson

Tori Brasher-Weathers (40) speaks with conversation partner and new friend Tamekia Jackson (37) about her experiences with and journey to motherhood.

Jill Charmayne Dawkins Henderson and Philbert "PJ" Henderson Jr.

Philbert “PJ” Henderson Jr. (32) interviews his mother, Jill Charmayne Dawkins Henderson (57), about her life experiences and the evolution of The Bakari Foundation. They also talk about the death of Bakari Henderson and the importance of continuing to grow...

Simone Mills Allen and Fred Allen

Spouses Simone Mills Allen (70) and Fred Allen [no age given] talk about the Battle of Forks Road and their involvement with the Cameron Art Museum. They talk about the life-size bronze sculpture called Boundless that was created by artist...

Stacey McAdoo and Leron McAdoo

Husband and wife Leron McAdoo (50) and Stacey McAdoo (44) share a conversation about how they met and their experiences as artists, poets, and educators.

Rochelle Williams and Charles Williams

Rochelle Williams (55) speaks with her husband Charles Williams (53) about her family’s history in Plateau, AL, also known as Africatown. The two discuss the new attention the community is receiving in light of the discovery of the Clotilda ship...

Janice Wood and Erica Wood-Bedi

Erica Wood-Bedi (44) has a conversation with her mother Janice Wood (73) about her legacy in early child education and social work in the community of Joliet, Illinois, some of her experiences as the owner of a daycare center, and...

Miz Charlamay and Anita Brassiere

Friends and colleagues Miz Charlamay (43) and Anita Brassiere (50) center their conversation about remembering their dear friend and "mother" Big Fannie Annie, who was a legendary burlesque performer and leader in their community, and who helped them start their...

Ruby Bradford and Susanna Kemp

Ruby Bradford (35) is interviewed by StoryCorps intern Susanna Kemp (20) about her experience during the COVID-19 pandemic, the royal family, the people she'd like to meet, and the Superman cap she wants to get from Germany.

Arthur Allert and Michael Clement

Friends and coworkers Arthur Allert (65) and Michael Clement (65) share their experiences working at the UT Austin McCombs School of Business. They discuss their own college experiences, the importance of supporting first generation students, and the relationships they’ve made...

Ann Scott and Courtney Horton

Courtney Horton [no age given] shares a conversation with her colleague, Ann "Annie" Scott (77), about Ann contracting polio when she was a child, about her family, the different jobs she has worked over the years, and about advocacy for...