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Eugene Pospychala

My father, Eugene Pospychala, was 91 when this interview was recorded.

A morning with Bill Vassey

Bill Vassey is a great man. He spoke with us about the time he spent in the Korean War and the travels he had made throughout his life. Bill talked about his late wife that meant the world to him....

Great Thanksgiving Listen Ft. My Mother

I learned things about my mom that I didn't know like her grandparents, things that I did that I dont remember, and her childhood.

My life over 50 years

During this interview myself (Aidan) interview my mother (Krista) as we talk about her life.

Grandpa’s Childhood Part 1
November 25, 2017 App Interview

Ezra Vogel gave a summary of his early childhood in Delaware, Ohio

Tahoe Washow Indians at the Callender Hut

1930’s Tahoe Washow Indians at the Callender Hut. How the women would wait for the men to finish their meal before eating, even though Bill’s father kept trying to feed the women and children at the same time the men...

Lillian Thompson’s Story Part 2

Lillian Thompson, age 101, is being interviewed by her daughter, Linda Smith. Part 2 is a collection of stories from her life.