Grandma & PaPa’s Love Story

I sat down to talk with my grandparents about how they met, fell in love, and got married. We hit the 45 minute cutoff point without wrapping up, but talked about how they navigated conversion to Catholicism, family tensions, and...

“A man of my word”

Stick through to the things you say you’d do.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen
November 24, 2017 App Interview

This interview was mainly about how my grandma grew up and her children.

Interview with my grandma

Dad ww2 vet, occupation, school life/home life

Interview With My Grandmother

My grandmother discusses the way she grew up in rural Alabama and her years in boarding schools in Virginia and England throughout the 1940s and 50s

The crucible

All the questions you gave me for the Salem witch trial

Alexa Michael interviews her Grandmother Jill Handy about growing up as a woman and how society views older women

On November 26th, 2021 Alexa Michael and her grandmother Jill Handy talk in their hometown of Hicksville, Ohio about Jill’s life growing up as a woman in the 1950s and 60s. They talk about Jill’s parents, and her sister Sally....

Betty Hansel discusses her life and how she has journeyed to find meaning.

Grandmother Betty Hansel discusses her life growing up on a farm in rural Virginia before tragically losing her parents and beginning life on her own. She discusses the evolution of her faith in God and the role that Christianity has...

Grandma Jan: Her backstory and advice

In this Isabella Miya (16) interviewed with Jan Hildebrand (75) her grandma about her life growing up in the 50s and 60s. As a young adult, Jan experienced a lot of racial tension because of her friends she associated with....

My Friend, the Captain

My grandmother, Carol Butscher, tells a story about the time she picked up a navy base captain in her car and her ability to talk openly with anyone, no matter their rank or place in society.

The History of Grandpa

This is an interview with Stanley Ray. He is a family man who grew up in Boise during the 1950s. He is the oldest of five and has five children himself who were raised in Elko Nevada. He shares his...

The Deb-Tones – Linda Hirt, Karen Lemasters, and Julie Wilson

Enjoy this charming trip down memory lane with two of the surviving members of The Deb-Tones. This is an endearing story of how three Indiana teenage girls were told they needed a summer hobby, and it turned into an RCA...

A Child’s View of the Most Pointless War

Chong Sun Kim was 13-years old when she had to leave her home with only a bag full of belongings, in the wake of the battle that would tear apart the Korean Peninsula. In November of 2017, 14-year old Nathan...

When Raphael Met Barbara

Ray Evins and Barbara Rosen Evins tell the story of how and why they met in Philadelphia in 1953. Barbara Met Ray’s cousin Frances Klinman in the water at Atlantic City and Frances later introduced Barbara to Ray back in...

Shirley Lowe and her great nephew Andrew Cook talk about growing up in the Great Depression

In this interview, conducted on November 22nd 2018 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Andrew Cook (17) interviews his great aunt, Shirley Lowe (80) about her childhood during the Great Depression and how the world has progressed. She also talks about the technological...

Remembering Grandma Starkey

This interview is centered around memories of a kind grandmother in Ohio and her affect on her granddaughter and future generations.

Adventurous German American Woman traveling in Remote Southern Mexico in 1959

Travel in remote Mexico to visit the Lacandon Indians in the jungle of Chiapas with a young documentary film maker in 1959. Travels of 19 year old Brigitte Heberle Stehlik and Manhattan Montana hitchhiking

“We would run in and there would be a casket in the living room!”

An interview of my Grandmother Alison Quinn. She shares her most memorable moments from her early life and her hopes for the future. (For the Story Corps “Great Thanksgiving Listen”)

My dad

Me and my dad talk a lot about his past and all the sports he played what he did with his friends and he told about how my grandma was like and stories about his past I think this interview...


We talked about his family and how his life was.