"I can't say I had a happy childhood… but it is what it is"

I interviewed my dad about his childhood growing up with a deaf mother and an abusive step-father

Brenna Lett, and Ivey Lancaster

Brenna Lett(17) and Ivey Lancaster(17) talking to Jim obrien(76) about his experience in vietnam and the 60's.

Chris, Judy, and Jenny Hunter

Jenny Hunter (45) interviewed her parents Judy Hunter (74) and Chris Hunter (73) about their childhoods in Rhode Island and New Jersey, how they met at Brown University in 1968, their decision to get married, the early years of their...

Race Riots Interview

I interview my Uncle Dan on the race riots and racial tensions of the latter 60s and how much that has changed in Detroit today.

Interviewing my Boomer of a Father with Arbitrary Questions on Constantly Changing Topics

He answers questions about his childhood and life that give insight into how things were 50-60 years ago.

1960s US History Interview

This is an interview of Mary Lapin, a highschool and college student during the 1960s. She shares information about the 1960s culture, civil rights movement, and entertainment.

LHP project part 2

Second part of the living history project

Story hour with Dad

Some of our dad’s greatest stories from his youth.

Kyndall Richey, Kendall Walden, and Retha Walden

Kyndall Richey (12) is interviewing Kendall (82) and Retha Walden (80). They talk about Retha and Kendall Walden's life experiences. They do this over the phone on Tuesday November 24th, 2020.

Living History Project

Susanne Stratigakis (78) talks with her niece, Gia Kokkalis (17) about the 1950s and the 1960s

Gene and Jackie’s 60’s Experiences

This interview follows the lives of Gene and Jackie Webb as they navigated the 1960’s. Topics ranging from what was going on after Kennedy was shot to the Vietnam war and RFK’s speech after Martin Luther King was assassinated.

Frank White’s Moon Landing Story

Frank White speaks about his Moon Landing story for the Moon Landing in Context Project at Framingham State University. Topics include living abroad in the 1960s, the Apollo missions, Earthrise, the Vietnam War, astronauts, and the Overview Effect.

Life of the 60’s in Small Town Indiana

Brenda Skaggs (74 years old) talks about her life throughout the 60’s. Discusses the drug epidemic, music, movies, the Cold War, dating, etc. during the 60’s.

Nana and I talk about her teenage years.

I, Mia, interviewed my nana about her life as a teenager. She talked about her parents leaving her, living with her teacher, family, and the love of her life. There were a few bloopers :)

Remembering Maxine McAninch Hogue in celebration of her 100th birthday

Janet Hogue Thompson (77) talks with her daughter Michelle Thompson (51) about the life of her mother Mary Maxine McAninch Hogue (1920-1993) in rural Casey County, Kentucky.

1960s Oral History Project

Interview with Owen’s grandmother done by Henry, Owen, and Sam about the 1960’s

1960s Oral History Project

Interview with Alli Morrow (17) and Lucy Cappa (17) interviewee Kim Davis (77), Alli’s grandfather, concerning life in the 1960s.

John and Meredith Stehr

Meredith Stehr (16) talks with her father John (64) about his childhood in the 1960s.

Memory Lane

it was her life starting from a child all the way to an adult including her school days