Great Thanksgiving Final

I interviewed my dad which was pretty cool because he’s really boring and I did not enjoy doing this assignment but it’s for a grade so I had to come through for myself.

Mike Mcbrid

Mike McBride’s whole life but focus is on hi childhood and his jobs

Emotional memories

In this interview, John Blazy (my grandpa), and I talk about his past, present and future outlook on his life, through the positive and negative. Throughout his life he witnessed his father die, and his own sister. He looked up...

Mom’s interview

While listening to my Mom's story, I realized that there's a lot of things that I don't know. But in the future I hope that we will know each other better as we will ever know.

Gretchen Ann Gravo Kamerer

Gretchen’s life story of her experiences. What she wants to be remembered for, and what she feels was and is most impactful and important in her life.

Great Thanksgiving Project

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Wylie, Texas, Noora Hosseini (14) interviews her friend Dennis Wahkinney (66) about his life serving in the Vietnam war. Mr.Wahkinney shares how his life was effected from serving and basic life in...

Transitioning from Duke University to the NFL 1972 – 1973

Ernest Jackson played defense back and running back as a senior for Duke University in 1971. He is the is the only player to win ACC offense player of the week and ACC defense player of the week in the...

My Moms Childhood

My interview was about my Moms Childhood and what it was like growing up.