2020-2021 memories interview

Talking with classmate about his experience during the years 2020 and 2021

Things my dad says

An interview with my father in 2020 looking back on a better or worse life.

Elizabeth Peterson and Grant Peterson discuss preparing for the climate emergency

I, Grant Peterson, am speaking with my mother, Betsy Peterson, in this interview about preparedness for climate emergencies.

Azarias Reyes Interviews Angelo Barrales

Azarias Reyes talks to Angelo Barrales about his early childhood and the struggles that he faced throughout his life, as well as how he is doing during this pandemic.

Erin and Riley discuss preparing for the the climate emergency.

I discuss the impact of the climate change crisis with my friend, Riley. He lives in a community that has not done much with the issue.

Dawn & Grace discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Dawn & Grace talk about how planning and friendly neighbors are helpful in the face of the climate emergency.

Yue-Bei and Valerie discuss preparing for the climate emergency

In this interview, I talked with my dad about how he’s trying to prepare for the event of a climate emergency, what ways I can too on campus, and what the plan is if an emergency happens. He also recommends...

Alex and Jack discuss preparing for the climate emergency

We discussed the outlook of our world in the next few years and how previous experiences have shaped our views.

Cindy and Annabelle discuss preparing for the climate emergency

I interviewed my cousin who moved back to the suburbs of Chicago. She talks about her personal experience with climate/ weather extremities, especially with the cold since she lives near Lake Michigan. She provides insight on what her town does...

Ni and Chris discuss preparing for the climate emergency

In this video, my friend and I discuss the potentiality of a climate emergency. In addition, we talk about the upcoming disease, COVID-19, and the implications of it. Also, we address the concerns of a climate-related emergency

Jahna Flores and Joi Brewer discuss local food

Jahna & I discuss what she’s known about local foods from both her own experiences as well as a few family members. She also expresses the impact local food has had on her growing up.

Laurel and Stephanie discuss Climate Emergency Preparedness.

We're talking in Stephanie's apartment about preparedness stories the Saturday after U-M announcements regarding COVID-19. What can we learn from our relatives and previous experience? What privileges do we have because of our socioeconomic status?

Grace Doolittle and Noelle Dunbar discuss local food (pt 1)

Grace taking about her experience with local food through foraging, farmers markets, and bologna sandwiches.

Jocelyn and Desmond discuss local food

We discussed what makes good local, the difficulties associated with local food, and how we can integrate greater accessibility in the future.

Scott and Chris discuss local food

Scott talks about his relationship to local food. He breaks down why the industrialized food distribution system is not sustainable, his experience working with his dad to create an environmentally-friendly small farm in Canada, and why the United States needs...

Dusty Matthews and author Gina Hollis discuss living and writing in 2020.

Dusty Matthews (53) and Gina Hollis (71) discuss living in Leesburg, Florida in 2020. Dusty works at the Leesburg (Florida) Public Library and Gina is an author. The library's annual Literary Arts Festival was canceled this year due to the...

Talking with me Great Aunt

I talk with my great aunt Annie about her life growing up, her young adult life, and life in 2020. We discuss the hardships she's faced growing up, her thoughts in today's politics and more.

Raina Moseley and Ms. Wright-Lewis' Conversation about 2020 and 2021

In this interview, we touched on experiences with racism Ms.Wright-Lewis encountered as a young black girl growing up in Atlanta, how the summer of 2020, with regards to the increase in racially-motivated police brutality, has affected her and her family,...