Quinn and Grant discuss local food.

In my interview with my long-time friend Quinn, we discussed the importance of local food consumption and how this has been relevant to our own lives growing up in the same small Michigan town. We also discussed personal experiences by...

Olivia & Grace discuss local food!

We discussed how Olivia’s relationship with local food has changed as she’s grown up and moved to a different city. We also addressed common barriers that people face when trying to access local food.

Ashley and Liz discuss local food

The topics that were discussed was the problems with local food prices being too high in different areas and towns making it less assessable especially for college students. In addition, the topic of gmos and making connections with local farmers...

Sam & Kelley discuss local food!

Sam & Kelley talk about local food habits as busy students and how being vegan and change your life! Thanks for tuning in.

Ashley H and Lydia R discuss local food

Ashley and Lydia talk about local food in Ann Arbor and personal relationships with local food.

Ken and Grace discuss preparing for the climate emergency

I talked with my wonderful father about how our family has prepared for the climate emergency and how we can encourage future generations to help stop climate change.

Interviewing my sister

This interview is basically you getting to know my sister and I feel like I got to know her to a little bit some things I didn’t know of.

The affects of 2020 on being a Fourth Grade Teacher and a Mom.

Lisa Beckford (42) talks with her daughter, Ayanna Beckford (14) about the affects of 2020 on her teaching career and her family.

12 Year Old’s Reflection on 2020 (part 2)

Interview continues on a child’s perspective of 2020 including advice for those living through a future pandemic

The 2020 Experience- The Challenges of a COVID Bride and a Healthcare Worker

A personal interview between brother and sister and the mental and emotional challenges that 2020 has posed: cancelled med school graduation, cancelled wedding, starting residency amidst a pandemic, and a whole abundance of emotions throughout.

2020 Memories

History interview about our experiences during the pandemic.

In the year 2020

Review of events in 2020 and childhood memories

My Sister, Whitney Thrasher

It was a fun interview to give and it really got me thinking about other questions I could ask. This interview also showed me (but I already knew) my sister loves her son Bryson.

Sydney and Annabelle discuss local food

Sydney and I discuss her family's habits and traditions with local food and see how that has transformed as she transitions into college.

Janielle Calaunan and Stephanie Rosas discuss local food

A discussion focused on local food consumption with conversation surrounding family traditions, future intentions, and current association with local foods. Also taking a look at what future generations can do to increase the accessibility to local foods.

Dusty Matthews and author Sharon Coady discuss living and writing in 2020.

Dusty Matthews and Sharon Coady discuss living in 2020. Dusty works at the Leesburg (Florida) Public Library and Sharon is an author. The library's annual Literary Arts Festival was canceled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sharon discusses her...

Coronavirus impacts 5/23/20

Among the topics discussed were how daily life is like, how technology is utilized in a pandemic and how social relationships are like.

Slowing Down with Alyssa

As an educator and entrepreneur, Hashimoto's disease and environmental illness made Alyssa face human limits long before the coronavirus outbreak forced us to shelter-in-place. She talks about self care in a revolutionary way because learning to reconcile her passion with...

Chase and Brookelyn discuss local food

We talked about local food as college and students. We also talked about how education is important in the local food movement.

Riley and Erin discuss preparing for the climate emergency (not final… interrupted by phone call)

I discuss the impact of the climate change crisis with my friend, Riley. He lives in a community that has not done much with the issue.

Interviewing my wife about her profession as a police officer in 2020

Today I interviewed my wife Jenifer in regards to her job as a police officer. There is currently a lot of unrest in the country with police officers and I decided to pick her brain on how she feels with...

Shawn and Gina discuss local food

Gina and Shawn discuss how financial restrictions make buying local food challenging

Alok's Interview with his Mom, Shashi Bina on 4/25/2020 – Part I

Born as Bina Saxena in August 1943 in Lucknow and raised in a conservative joint household in Delhi and Lucknow, UP, India - she was the 2nd of four children of Ram Shanker and Prakash Saxena. She graduated high school...