Zolangie Velez and her mom Luiris Peguero

Zolangie Velez (14) talks with her mom, Luiris Pegeuro (35), about what it was like watching her kids go to school again and what it was like growing up and the different experiences with family and raising kids in different...

interviewing my mother with personal questions

I am a 12th grader at apb interviewing my mother. I got to ask her personal questions and get a better understanding of how she feels

Lance and Henry Discuss Preparing for a Climate Emergency

Lance Giuliano (19) and his former roommate (and current friend) Henry Wallison (20) discuss methods to prepare for a potential climate-based emergency. Lance provides a personal anecdote of a blackout he experienced in his youth.

Haley Schanne and Connor Roessler discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Connor (27) talks with Haley (28) as she shares her thoughts about how Charleston, South Carolina will be impacted by climate change and the ways her neighborhood has taken action to inform residents of best practices during storm events.

Neighborhood Project Part 2: Colleen Megerle

Hao and I discussed how the climate crisis has an effect on our own lives in regards to attention and stress. We also talked about coping mechanisms to help anxiety surrounding climate change.

Hattie Benedetti & Brad Becker discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Hattie and Brad talked about their coping strategies for the stress induced by the climate crisis. They discussed how their neighborhood, Kimberly Hills, is taking steps to combat climate change and stress every day.

Lucy and Christy discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Lucy and I talked about her and her family's plans for a climate emergency and how she deals with them.

Katie and Sipeng discuss the problem and preparation regarding the climate crisis.

In the interview, Katie and Sipeng talked about their personal experience regarding the climate crisis and some of the strategies at community and individual level related to class material and personal experience.

Justin Shetty and June Hong talk about being resilient in a changing environment!

Justin Shetty (UofM ‘2019), current software engineer, is from New Jersey and has lived in California and Michigan. He discusses the different concerns he has had regarding climate emergencies in different states and coasts. Furthermore, he discusses experiences preparing for...

Benjamin Long and Ryan Toomey discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Benjamin and Ryan, as students in ENV 360, discussed how the climate crisis currently, in 2021, has had an effect on the well-being of citizens, specifically causing directed attention fatigue. They discuss coping strategies that help restore this fatigue and...


This is a interview with my stepmom Sabrina biehl she is a news reporter.

Samantha van Putten, Tim Sheffield and Shawn Sheffield Discuss Preparing for the Climate Emergency

Samantha van Putten (19) discusses the coming climate emergency with Shawn Sheffield (47) and Tim Sheffield (47). Tim and Shawn live 15 minutes north of Los Angeles and talk about dealing with wildfires, water shortages, and why community and individual...

Mia Quezada and her mom, Guadalupe, talk about living in Mexico from her point of view.

Mia Quezada (14) talks with her mom, Guadalupe Elizalde (45), about them living in Mexico and the way she felt before and after the event. Mia asks about family life, childhood life, and life away from Mexico; where Guadalupe found...

Daniel Nawrocki and Thomas Vaughn discuss preparing for the climate emergency

We discussed what Tom, a Long Island native, has done to react against climate amd emergencies. This included, but was not limited to, his experiences with Hurricane Sandy.

Jacob and Evan discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Jacob and Evan discuss how Jacob’s hometown of Sutton’s Bay, Michigan is already dealing with the climate crisis through rising lake levels and how people can take steps to prepare for the continuing elevation.

Rachael Rutkowski and Sam Buck discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Sam and Rachael discuss her climate disaster preparedness plan, what’s in her new disaster bag, and what activities she wants to add to her preparedness list. They also go beyond just survival and talk about what items of sentimental value...

KT Meono and Sam Folco discuss preparing for the climate emergency

KT and I discussed a lot of diverse info surrounding climate crisis in todays society. A big point in this interview was surrounded about how KT personally fights the stress that comes from the climate crisis, and any suggestions she...

Charlotte and Mia discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Charlotte and Mia discuss the topics of attention fatigue, stress, neighborhood elements, and coping methods and how they relate to the climate crisis and resource descent. Charlotte reveals techniques she uses to cope with climate change anxiety and how she...

Heidi and Hannah Discuss Preparing for the Climate Emergency

Hannah and her aunt Heidi discuss what Nashville has done in terms of preparation, considering this year's tornado at the beginning of the pandemic. We talked about planting trees, neighborhood and individual action, and taking the climate crisis seriously.

Andrew and Ethan discuss preparing for the climate emergency

We discussed how the climate crisis and resource descent relates to attention fatigue and stress. Andrew shared his insights about how people can cope with the anxiety brought about the climate crisis, and technic that he has used personally.

Alex and Sydney discuss preparing for the climate emergency
November 19, 2021 App Interview

Today, Alex and I discussed the climate emergency and what possibilities may come in the future. We talked about concepts relating to what we’ve learned in Behavior and Environment this semester, such as coping mechanisms, attention fatigue, and community action.

Natalie and Amanda discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Natalie Cadotte (21) speaks with her cousin Amanda Stefan (25) about how Amanda's family has prepared for the climate emergency, and how living on a farm has changed her perspective on local food sources.

Brandon and Danielle discuss preparing for the climate emergency

Brandon discussed his experiences living in North Carolina and coping with extreme weather events like hurricanes.