Tina Girdwood and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Long-term Andover resident Tina Girdwood shares her impactful life and dedication to helping her community, from founding the Andover Recycling Program, being a school committee member, and eventually leading the initiative to start the Andover...

Niki Flynn and Steve Heck

Steve tells his story about career changes from ballet to occupational health therapy, his path toward Buddhism, personal relationship and connecting back to community through volunteering.

Jerold Fennell and Lorana Jinkerson

Friends Lorane Jinkerson (76) and Jerold "Jerry" Fennell (76) talk about hiking, backpacking, and their enduring love for the North Country Trail Association.

Jennifer Hartung talks about her childhood in Kentfield
November 28, 2022 App Interview

In this interview between Nick Hartung(15) and Jennifer Hartung(52), which took place in Tiburon, California, on November 27, 2022, Nick asked questions about the early life of his mom, Jennifer Hartung. Mrs. Hartung describes her childhood in Kentfield California with...

Mike Wollmer and Barbara Wollmer

Mike Wollmer (63) talks with his wife, Barbara Wollmer (55), about how they met volunteering on the Ice Age Trail and what the trail means to them.

Caroline Barnett and Gertrude Bridgeforth

Caroline Barnett (61) interviews her friend Gertrude Bridgeforth (98) about her upbringing, family, activism, and community involvement over the years.

Susan Holick-Bade and Wendy Rowehl-Miano

Susan Holick-Bade (53) talks with her friend Wendy Rowehl-Miano (56) about caregiving for her mother after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and then transitioning from caregiver to patient when she herself was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Stories from Mr. Jandeska.

Mr. Jandeska talked about his job as an electrical engineer working with StarWars (Not the movie) and volunteering with bible studies and how all of it was connected to his faith in God.

Keke Phooko and Bridget Lynch

Friends Keke Phooko (34) and Bridget Lynch (21) discuss their shared experiences as volunteers for Innisfree Village and migrants to the United States.

Wes Andrews and Claire Byrne

Former spouses and longtime friends Claire Byrne (65) and Wes Andrews (66) reminisce on their personal history, their migration to the United States and its impact on their family, and the role that Innisfree Village has played in their lives.

Courtney Pollack and Adele Pollack

Courtney Pollack (39) talks with her grandmother, Adele Pollack (93), about Adele's childhood, her love of piano and painting, and the many roles she has taken on throughout her life.

Stuart Munson and Daniel Fairley II

One Small Step participants Stuart Munson (64) and Daniel Fairley (29) share a conversation about their political and economic beliefs, how their beliefs have changed over time, and the people in their lives that they admire.

Jan Ulferts Stewart and Gerry Berg

Friends Jan Ulferts Stewart (67) and Gerry Berg (71) discuss their decades-long work and love for the North Country Trail and their hope for the future of the trail.

Angie Macon and Kevin Alarcon

Angie Macon [no age given] speaks with new acquaintance and conversation partner Kevin Alarcon (25) about her experience living in Decatur, Georgia and working as the executive director of Decatur Arts Alliance.

Gabriel DellaVecchia and Adil Mohammed

Gabriel DellaVecchia (40) talks with his friend Adil Mohammed (58) about Gabriel's history and the origins of his interest in travel, his awareness of cultures outside his own, being a teacher, meeting his wife, and the volunteer work they do...

Michael Crosa and Meghan Phillips

One Small Step conversation partners Meghan Phillips (32) and Michael Crosa (32) discuss charity and voluntary work, gender roles, and work on the topic of sexual assault and being victim advocates.

Juana Iris Meza and Ashley Werner

Compañeras de One Small Step Juana Iris Meza (37) y Ashley Werner (36) hablan de sus raíces, el impacto de sus padres en sus vidas y su vocación por la abogacía comunitaria. [One Small Step partners Juana Iris Meza (37)...

Lezah Stenger and Stephanie Stenger

Mother and daughter, Lezah Stenger (74) and Stephanie Stenger (53), have a conversation about their contributions, memories, and experiences in the Junior League of Springfield.