“He pointed a gun and said if you pull out of this driveway, I will shoot you.”

Interview done with my mother, Jen Nguyen in our home in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. She shares many different stories, such as her conflicts with school growing up as a child, and her inspiring story of my grandmother, uncle, and...

Beth’s Journey to Hope

Beth shares her story of awakening to and emancipating herself from a destructive marriage.

“…. to say that it didn’t impact me, would be a lie”

nterviewer: Who were the people in your life that had alcohol abuse — or drug abuse ? Anonymous: my aunt, my uncle, and my other uncle. Interviewer: And what happened with your aunt and two uncles? Anonymous: My aunt and...

Patrick Nickell & Scott Acord

Patrick opens up about being the child of parents suffering from addiction and alcoholism, and being raised in the foster care system from the age of 2. In the approximate 14 years he was in the foster care system, Patrick...

My Grandma Life

In this interview my grandmother reflects about the challenges and struggles in her life.


Please report abuse when it happens, and not decades later!

A Mother, A Warrior

A look into the life of a mother who has struggled with previous miscarriages, addictions, and struggles in her life and how she handles her day-to-day.

Cindy Miles and Roger Moon

One Small Step conversation partners Roger Moon [no age given] and Cindy Miles (58) discuss growth, perspective and self-acceptance.

Love, Pain, Past, Present, and Future

As the interviewer I tried to structure the interview in the order of past, present future. So from her childhood, to her relationship with my father, to having me as a child, and finally to her future

From Foster Child to Parent: The Childhood of Mandy Lehman.

Mandy Lehman, a mother with mitochondrial disease, describes her childhood and what it was like growing up with an abusive family and the foster care system.

Maryann Nielsen and Leah Zeiger

Leah Zeiger (22) interviews her mother, Maryann Nielsen (55), about Nielsen's mother and Zeiger's grandmother. Zeiger also speaks at length about her experience with an abusive partner.


A short story involving Martin who is abused by his father

Kenderix Hudson and Michael Johansson

Kenderix Hudson (28) talks to his father and mentor, Michael Johansson (71), about his childhood, his different career paths, and the countries he would like to travel to after the pandemic.

The Heart of a Grandma: “Being Alone depresses me a lot” SPANISH interview

Honoring my “abuela” by allowing her to tell her story and share about her difficult childhood. She expresses her love for her children and grandchildren and her hope for them. In May 2013, her husband and our grandfather passed away...

Mommy and I

I asked my mother questions and found out some new stuff, it felt good to sit down and have a long talk.