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Thankful For Her Experiences

My name is Guadalupe Cruz. I am 16 years old and me and my mom live in Los Angeles, Ca. My mom explains her life when she first comes to the Us and how she is grateful for every experience...

Interviewing my older sister

Most of my sisters responses were about personal issues we dealt with. My sisters disorder and the arrival of my sisters DACA.

Interview With Dad

We talked about life and all of it’s ups and downs.

What my mom is grateful for

What we talk about is what my mom thinks about me and how people affected her in her life and how her life feels because of the people who influenced her

An interview with my grandpa

This is an interview with my loved grandma. His name is Daniel Estrada and my name is Richard kim.

Getting to know my mother

What are some challenges that she faces. What are some of the happiest moments

Edgar Contreras and his father Jose talk about his father’s story

In this interview done with Edgar Contreras (16) and his father Jose (46), they talk about the father's childhood growing up and who were his main influences in his life so far. They also talked over how Jose has came...

Attitude of Gratitude Cole

We talked about what he is proud of and some of his best memories

Interviewing my mom

We just talked about things that has happened to her and her favorite places to go ect.

Bob Schmitz: he’s still alive and kicking.

This interview was conducted with my grandfather, Bob Schmitz. We talked about many things, ranging from his love for fishing to his life’s achievements. We talked about his childhood and life lessons he hopes to pass down. We talked about...

Maritza and Ashley

This interview has Ashley Reynoso and Maritza Reynoso. I am Ashley Reynoso, interviewing my mother. I asked her about her life from childhood to now. Most of the questions were based off being her life and being a mother. She...


I interviewed my older brother, Gabriel Rodriguez, and learned some very interesting things about him.