First Generation College Student

My Father (Mario O. Ramos Jr.) Was born in 1969 to parents who immigrated to America for better way of life.


Overall throughout the whole interview we discussed a wide variety of topics ranging from ancestors, school, and words of advice

AJ Crews GTL interview
December 11, 2017 App Interview

We talked about my moms life. Specifically about her childhood, and her professional life and her life as a parent of 2 boys

Leonid Bondar-Great Patriotic War Interview

My grandpa talks about his adventures in the war and his father’s struggles as a general.

Calvin’s Distress, a mock interview by Ivan Prieto

Calvin describes one of his happiest memories, a historic race at the prestigious Trabuco Hills Invitational.

The great thanksgiving listen p.7 Eaton

This interview we’ve talked about how it is important to step up for yourself, for your, race, and for your own family and how certain family members can make a big difference and in a way can be bonds to...