My good friend

I pretty much asked different questions about how is life and everything

Jerry Price – November 2018

During this interview, we discussed the early years of Jerry Price’s youth. As a kid he ran a nightcrawler and lawn mowing business while juggling choir, orchestra and band in school. He later joined a bowling league. After his time...

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Aluminum Foil + Rabbit Ears= Television

I (Jordan James) sit down with family friend Eddie Nelson and talk about the rise of television, his brief acting career, and how he used aluminum foil to get a signal of the back of his TV.

Hayden’s World

We talked about Hayden’s life

Ray Wise – Mastery At Its Finest

An overlooked tree. Ceaseless drive. Sean Connery. What do these three unrelated things have in common? They tell the extraordinary story of Ray Wise, who was interviewed by Forrest Wheeler in Los Angeles in 2018. Since youth in Akron, Ohio,...

Patricia Pinto and Dr. Jose Wiley | La Creme Angels Inc.
September 4, 2020 App Interview

Spanish interview featuring La Creme CEO Patricia Pinto and Dr. Jose Wiley speaking about the important myths and realities of the novel coronavirus. Brought to you by La Creme Angels and La Creme Modeling & Acting Agency. @lacreme @lacremeangels


We talked about how the pandemic was very impactful. Also discussed about how we felt about everything reopening at the end.

Gwyn Hervochon and Julia Stringfellow

Gwyn and Julia (43) talk about how they became archivists, their first jobs in the field, and where they currently are professionally.

Lyda Stillwell

Interview with Lyda Stillwell who spent her life working in theatre primarily as a theatre director and professor. Lyda resides in Friendship Village Kalamazoo as of fall 2021 during the time of the interview.

John Buchanan’s Childhood Life and Acting Career

John Buchanan had a traditional religious childhood life, but his parents got diverced when he was very young. He lievd with his dad mot of the time, until he was 15 and moved to California to live with his mom....

Sylvia Grosvold and Josh Weiner

Josh (52) and Sylvia (15) talk about their wife/mother who died by suicide when Sylvia was five years old. They talk about her bipolar disorder and manic/depressive episodes and what it was like to grow up without a mother and...

Ian Pliske and Clinton McGuire

Clinton "Clint" McGuire (55) talks with friend and former University of South Carolina classmate Ian Pilske (47) about how Ian got started studying theatre.