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Chris brown 1
January 6, 2023 App Interview

Chris brown (father), 57 Where he has lived, what he has done in his life time.

The Great Listen 8th grade Language Arts Luke Thelen
November 26, 2017 App Interview

I interviewed my grandma Dona Zimmerman in order to learn more about her early life and what she was like growing up.

How to love a happy life by Grandma McDermott

I interview my Grandma (Virginia McDermott) about her life, growing up, as a teacher, and her retired life as a widow and what she does to keep busy.

Xi Hua Zhao and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Xi Hua Zhao was born in China, where he lived a happy and modest life. He moved to the United States over a decade ago to help his daughter take care of his grandchild, and...

Laura’s Interview

The summary of the interview was looking on my mother’s life and different things that she did or different family members that she had and the things she did or wants to do in the future.

Zhi Qing Chen and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Zhi Qing Chen, born in Wuhan, China, talks about his life growing up amidst the violence of the Second Sino-Japanese War. He moved to America over a decade ago to care for his grandchild, and...

Genealogy project

When I interviewed my grandmother talked about her childhood and how she was always doing chores, her favorite holiday, what she did in the summer, how she wants to be remembered, etc.

The Santa Clara Experience

We interviewed each other about our high school experience and how it shaped us as the Class of 2018.