Interviewing my mom

We talked a lot about my mom when she was little. We also talked about her favorite stuff

A much needed sit down with my grandpa.

Getting to know my grandpas early life and his plans for the future.

Edited Interview: How My Mom Met My Dad

I asked questions about how my mom first met my dad, and the things she went through to get here. I also learned how it changed her life moving to a different country.

interview with eli penny

helped me talk to eli and learn his aspect on things

Interview with my father

Me asking questions about him growing up

Interview with Eli penny

I asked him about his future and how and what he wanted to do after he got his education

20 Minutes of Giggles

I interviewed my 7 year old sister on several different topics.

Talking to dad about everything under the sun

I interviewed my dad about everything I could think of. Someday this interview is going to be priceless and I'm so happy I decided to take my time and do this with him.

Growing Up

The most important things in life & how you it was growing up.

“What is it like to be a nurse?”

Today I am speaking with my mom on the lifestyle of a nurse and what is it like to live your dream job.

Edited Interview with Mom and Dad

Listen and learn about love and relationships

Rhoades and his friends

Friends growing upin small town highschool

Life Lessons- edited and shortened

This is my shortened version of my full length interview with Nicole.

Talking to dad about everything under the sun (edited)

I was super happy that I got to spend time with my dad and talk to him.

Interview With Mother, December 2018

In this interview, I ask my mother, Steph, questions. I ask questions that involve her relationship with my father, her education, career, me, and other random questions regarding her past, present, and future.