Sarah Richmond and Leah Richmond

Mother and daughter Leah Richmond (52) and Sarah Richmond (19) talk about their journey together as mother and daughter after Leah adopted Sarah from foster care at age 10.

Saphira Armijo’s recording – 11-20-2023 19:05:27

 Hailey armijo and Saphira armijo we are sisters we talked about her life story. We also discussed some other things. Like her life and what she would like to be remembered as.

Dorothy Garza and Twilla Booker

Friends Twilla Booker (59) talks with Dorothy Garza (63) about Dorothy’s childhood, her family, her time in college, in the Air Force, in Alaska, and Japan, her children, and about the life lessons that she would like to pass on...

Gregory Tackett and Eunice Cho

Eunice Cho (33) interviews her mentor, Gregory Tackett (44), about the many adventures he has had and the wisdom that they have brought him. They discuss his travels, his sexual and national identities, his closest relationships, his spiritual experiences, and...

Tina Grippi tells the story of howbeing adopted affects her life to her daughter, Dani Grippi.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Sonoma, California, Dani Grippi (14) interviews her mother Tina Grippi (56) about how being adopted affects her life. Tina has always known that she was adopted and is happy that things turned...

Lupe Espinoza, Diego Espinoza, and Suzanne Thompson

Lupe Espinoza (59) and her grandson/adoptive son Diego Espinoza (14) remember and memorialize Diego's mother Angela, who passed away almost three years ago. Diego and Lupe also share memories of their lives and childhoods.

Kristina Inman and Melanie Miller

Kristina Inman (35) shares a conversation with her biological mother, Melanie Miller (57), about reconnecting later in life through direct-to-consumer genetic testing. They talk about what led Kristina to look for her biological parents and also about the process of...