Friends for Life

Steven (18) and Anderson (18), friends forever. Discuss topics like their future and what their family and friends mean to them.

"The opportunity to be part of this team to build something was really quite compelling." An Interview with Russanne Low.

Dr. Russanne Low works for the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, with much of her work centering on promoting citizen science. Listen to Dr. Low discuss the obstacles she's had to overcome, how the science community has changed for the...

"These are really big questions that right now no one could really answer." An interview with Kayla Iacovino

Kayla Iacovino's research seeks to better understand the inner workings of crustal volcanic systems; drawing inspiration from Star Trek, she strives to harness geochemical information to improve lives. In this interview Dr. Iacovino talks about the hurdles she has overcome,...

"Every project we work on, we count them by decades. That delays the rewards." An interview with Mehdi Benna.

While growing up in Tunisia Dr. Mehdi Benna dreamed of being a space scientist. Yet his future was uncertain after the first missions he worked on failed. Learn more about how Dr. Benna overcome adversity, what motivates him to go...

Interview with my dad (Greg Higgins)

Discussed pushing through adversity in life and who to rely on

Elizabeth Dowd SPC 208 Interview

This is a conversation about the difficulties of finding your path. This interview entails finding your career, when college is not your ideal scenario. There comes adversity and hard work, that all pays off in the end.

“A Journey Of A Thousand Steps Starts With One Step”

A father, a husband and a son talks about his childhood, his family and traditions that have shaped him into the man he is today. Mustansar Nasir talks about his experiences and memories combined into adversities that he has encountered...

Interview With Michael DiFiore

In this interview, Michael and I discussed situations in our life that we had to adjust to and how we adjusted to those situations. We also discussed how me got to the places that we are today and how family...


I weave my life into the greater story of 1934 to the present, the Great Depression, rural America, the child games we played, while man I would marry fire bombed Tokyo,the second world war, repression of the 1950s,west coast jitters...

Immigrating to the United States

Rosa Ortega describes her experience immigrating to the United States. One of her main reasons to move to the United States was for the low-income situation in Mexico. She describes her difficulties when she first comes to the United States,...

Maureen Guthman and Jill Schlesinger

Maureen Guthman (60) talks to her friend Jill Schlesinger (56) about her family, resilience, and the impact of those closest to her in her life. They reflect on their friendship and on the TV shows and music that have most...

Book Talk: Ian Drury & Allegra Dugan discuss literature, benefits of reading, and timeless novels.

Drury and Dugan discuss the challenges of finding one’s path in the world, blooming in the face of darkness, and influencial people and events. Also mentioning various books that have stuck with them and hopes for the future.

Interview with an Immigrant Child

From the context of the interview I had with Leslie, a child of undocumented immigrants, I have become more aware of the challenges faced by such children. A recurring theme I noticed from the answers to my questions regarding their...

Mina Dillard-Gits’ takes on literature and her suggestions of books for high school students.

My mother and I discussed various pieces of literature that she enjoyed throughout her life. She also made some recommendations for high school graduates on what books to read.

The Great Thanksgiving Letter

The interviewee, Mei Chun Lin, has been through what many others have experienced when she first came to the United States. This has shaped her identity in many ways because her community and the people around her changed as she...

"Even today I'm still amazed at the power of the simple mathematics and it has benefited my whole career." An interview with Xubin Zeng.

Meet Xubin Zeng, a professor of atmospheric science at the University of Arizona. Dr. Zeng was amazed by the power of mathematics at a young age and found his calling in physics. Listen to Dr. Zeng discuss what inspires him,...

"It’s really amazing how difficult it is to study something like the ocean." An interview with Ved Chirayath

Dr. Ved Chirayath is the director of the Laboratory for Advanced Sensing (LAS) in the Earth Science Division at NASA Ames Silicon Valley. There, he develops and invents new instruments for NASA missions on Earth and in space, with much of his current work focusing on creating technology that will increase our...

A Immigrant’s Obstacles through Life

Jagjit Singh talks about his experiences and the obstacles he faced as an immigrant to a foreign country. He touches on many topics such as family relationships, his childhood in his mother country of India, the barriers he faced as...

forrest faircloth interview

I interviewed my dad, Forrest Faircloth who is 42. My name is Ivy and i’m 15. We mostly talked about his life and his advice for future generations.


Janai (me) and her mom (Tammy) talk about her life as a parent and how her life choices led her to who she is today

“I was brought up to be resilient to different environments”

Everyone has an "origin story" of how and where they began. I interviewed my mother, Pamela Leung about her early life and the experiences that influenced her to become the loving and caring mother she is today. This interview chronicles...

Barney Northrop and William Wood

William Wood (41) interviews his friend Barney Northrop (42) about his childhood, his relationship with religion, and his career as a chef.