Carlos Bretel and Robin Heggum

Carlos (40) and Robin (35) discussed the beginning of their relationship, starting in Peru while traveling and ending with their life in Chicago as a married couple.

Mass Communications New-Media project

I (Grant Brewer, 19) interview my mother (Ashley Brewer, 40s) about life pre and post social media, the big news of the 80s and advertising.

The History of Advertising

In this interview with my father, Jon Reed, we discussed the history of advertising and his perspective on where he believes it is heading in the future.

Jane Newman Thanksgiving 2018

The life and career of Jane Newman, the founder of the discipline of account planning in America and founding partner in ad agency, Merkley Newman Herty in NYC. Jane also founded the Thorntree Project in Kenya which successfully educates Nomadic...

Claire Jones p.3 Story Corps Interview
November 29, 2017 App Interview

I interviewed my mom about what it is like owning her own businesses