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The most influence person and the most important desision in your life

Kurt Jacotin talk about the most important desicion That he has been taken in his life. And how that desicion will impact his future

Greg Coleman

In this Interview Greg Coleman was interviewed. We discussed trends such as fashion, diets, foods, 9/11, the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, etc.

Former Air National Guardsman Jacob Keck describes his military experience.

High school sophomore Savannah McCool and former member of the National Guard Jacob Keck discuss his time in the Air National Guard. Mr. Keck describes his deployments and his role in transporting detainees from Afghanistan to Cuba.

Don Macrino and Patricia Macrino

Spouses, Patricia "Patty" Macrino (70) and Don Macrino (70), share memories and appreciation for each other about meeting, marrying, and building their family.

Interview of My Father – 911 & it’s Relation to the COVID-19 Pandemic

In this interview, my father recollected his feelings and memory of the incident known as 911, and how this can also be related to the Corona Virus pandemic.

Shabir Kabiri and Alex Kolker

Friends and coworkers Alex Kolker (27) interviews Shabir Kabiri (29) about his experience attending university in the United States, the differences between Afghan and American culture, and what the American dream means to him.