Lenora Williams Hameed Omenka

Lenora Williams Hameed Omenka [no age given] shares her experience as a caregiver to close friends and family members with breast cancer and the importance of caring for one's self in caring for others. She shares how these experiences led...

Jené Watson and Kupenda Auset

Friends Jené Watson (43) and Kupenda Auset (48) talk about the women they have dubbed their "chosen" ancestors: Maud Cuney Hare and Adrienne Herndon, respectively.

Mary Dumars and Celeste Tanner

One Small Step conversation partners Mary Dumars (48) and Celeste Tanner (74) discuss their backgrounds and political values around topics, including police reform.

The Life of an African American Woman

My mother decided to conduct an interview, to give us the view of the life of an African American woman from her perspective.

The Ministry of Reconciliation with Derona

As America's Covid-19 cases continue to multiply, the virus exposes inequity throughout our society and claims a disproportionate number of black lives. Citizen Advocate, Derona King is healing racial trauma by promoting good health and nutritional wellness with Zilphy's Garden...

Paul on his role in the civil rights movement: "If you spend all your time worrying about it, then you shouldn't be doing it."

Paul and Alison talk about his unique role of being a white male and civil rights activist (with a special expertise in female African American history). Paul used his privilege to help open doors for those who were at a...