Gloria Dunn-Violin and Donald Violin

Gloria Dunn-Violin (81) speaks with her husband, Donald Violin (87) about the similarities in the ways they grew up, both as first generation Jewish-Americans, and the way they came into one another's lives later in life.

Dr. Imani Woody Macko and Maria Santiago

Dr. Imani Woody (68) relates her life history to Maria Santiago (34). She describes growing up in segregated Washington, D.C.; living through the civil rights movement; her mother's early and preventable death; and reflects on the American race riots of...

Joan Ditzion and Nancy Hawley

Joan Ditzion (75) and her friend and colleague Nancy "Miriam" Hawley (75) talk about what it was like to help found "Our Bodies, Ourselves," their earliest memories of being aware of their bodies, and the Women's Movement of the 1960s...

Sue Kelly and Hallie Tischendorf

In their One Small Step conversation, Sue Kelly (48) and Hallie Tischendorf (20) talk about their different perspectives on politics due to their age and relationship to other generations.

Anna Wermuth and Amy Brooks

Anna Wermuth (26) talks to her friend and mentor Amy Brooks (62) about motherhood, chosen family, and making something beautiful out of something ugly.

Elizabeth Horwitz and Victoria Lopes

One Small Step conversation partners Elizabeth Horwitz (54) and Victoria Lopes (59) have an open and vulnerable conversation about loss, relationships, and growing older on one's own.

Victor Acevedo and Ajax Greene

One Small Step partners Victor Acevedo (61) and Ajax Greene (66) discuss understanding LGBTQ identities as straight cis men, whether businesses should take political stands, and their fears around aging and disability.

Jude O'Dell and Jeffrey Lyle

Jude O'Dell (42) and Jeffrey "Jeff" Farr (69) discuss mid-career changes, the importance of connection with other people, using the bible, history and their own life experiences as a guide of how to move through the world with compassion and...

Jana Boster interviews her grandmother Judy Andrews about her socialization as a girl and treatment as an older woman.

In this interview, conducted in November 2021, Jana Boster (25) interviews her grandmother Judy Andrews (66) about her experiences throughout life as a girl and woman. Judy talks about the messages she received on how to behave growing up. She...

John: "This is my neighborhood."

John Ford, a long-time client of EZRA's, sits down with a member of EZRA's Social Action team to discuss his experiences growing up as a Black man in Chicago, working with EZRA, and gentrification in Uptown, Chicago.