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Annabelle Fernandez and Louismary Johnston

Annabelle "Anna" Fernandez (60) speaks with her sister Louismary "Lory" Johnston (56) about what is was like for Lory being a military spouse.

Jennifer Conole and Phyllis Barber

Phyllis Barber (60) interviews Jennifer Conole (33) about her time serving in the Navy, her career as a counselor of military families, and being married to an active service member.

Thomas Wagner and Brenda Ford

StoryCorps facilitator Brenda Ford (49) interviews Thomas "Tom" Wagner (72) about his experiences serving in the Vietnam War and later in the reserves.

Susan Means and Phillip Means

Spouses Susan Means (63) and Phillip Means (63) remember their early life and Phillip's enlistment and deployments, and they reflect together on the joys and challenges of their military connection as individuals and as a couple.

Damon Darley and Leslie Darley

Leslie Darley [no age given] and Damon Darley [no age given] reminisce and reflect about Damon's service in the military and in Vietnam, how it affected their marriage, how they kept in touch via letter, and how Leslie dealt with...

Gracie Burgess and Cole Johnston

Proud Army BRAT and military community advocate Gracie Burgess (21) speaks with conversation partner Cole Johnston (26) about her childhood, an incident during deployment that led to her father's disability, her value of resilience, and her hopes for the future.

Jason Maloney and Cindy Dillenschneider

Jason Maloney [no age given] speaks with his spouse Cindy Dillenschneider (63) about being a military spouse, reflections on his experiences serving in the military for 20 years, and their hopes for the future of the United States.

Luciana Herman and Lauren Rosenberg

Luciana Herman (36) speaks with her colleague and professor Dr. Lauren Rosenberg (56) to reflect on the different way of life that military families live, and how this shapes military children's upbringings and military spouses’ relationship dynamics.

John Bechtol and Alice Bechtol

John Bechtol (54) and his daughter Alison Bechtol (30) talk about their experiences as a military family and how Alison was inspired to join the military after her father and other relatives served.