Leah’s Grandparents

I interviewed my grandparents with some questions about their lives! The app cut us off so this is part 1.

Aidan interviews his Grandfather

I interview my grandfather, primarily about his childhood and his military career.

Thanksgiving Listen with Dad

I asked my dad some questions and my dog was there too.

Rich talks to Ben about his life

Rich talks about what his life was like growing up to now

My American Place Rough Draft

This is my rough draft explaining my plans for My American Place Final.

American Studies

American studies project and I was talking about my mother family and her childhood


This is just a test that I have to complete for homework.

Interview with my dad

I talked to my dad about his childhood and mine as well

Philip Kruse and Theresa Kruse | American Studies

I interview my Lebanese mom about her life and her opinions on today's society.

Colins interview with his grandpa

We talked about his life before my dad and all the different careers he had and why

Anne and Domenic Pulitano talk about their life.

Will Ebmeyer interviews Anne and Domenic Pulitano about their life, including their childhood, school experiences, job experiences, and thanksgiving. This interview was made as part of an English school project.