Colins interview with his grandpa

We talked about his life before my dad and all the different careers he had and why

My grandmother

Hi Mr. Baxter this is an interview with my grandma whom I call Nonnie.

American Studies

American studies project and I was talking about my mother family and her childhood

Arwen and Ana Canino Fluit talk about childhood & parenthood

On Thanksgiving Weekend Arwen interviews her mother about her childhood in Puerto Rico, and what it was like to parent her.

Helen Shuldt recounts her life p.1

97 year old Helen Shuldt tells her granddaughter about growing up on a farm, moving around the country and raising her grandchildren.

Aidan interviews his Grandfather

I interview my grandfather, primarily about his childhood and his military career.

Trent Wynn talks about growing up, marriage, and raising a family.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Rochester, New York, Trent discusses memories about growing up in a family of 11 children and how the people in his life have affected him. He also talks about meeting his wife...

Interview with my dad

I talked to my dad about his childhood and mine as well

Thanksgiving Listen with Dad

I asked my dad some questions and my dog was there too.

Rich talks to Ben about his life

Rich talks about what his life was like growing up to now

Jonathan Baxter interviews his mom Mary Ellen Baxter about growing up and parenting.

November 2015 – Rochester, NY. Jonathan Baxter (33) interviews his mother Mary Ellen Baxter about stories from her childhood, his childhood and her hopes for her grandchildren.