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Interview with a founder, Cynthia Wilson – Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor

Cynthia Wilson was one of the first teachers at our Lower School, founded in 1980. This year (2018/19) will be her last year as a class teacher at the Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor.

Liz Hartig and Josephine Weissburg discuss local food

Liz talks about her connection to local food growing up right outside of Detroit with two environmentalist parents

Alex Feldt and Devin Day
September 13, 2020 App Interview

Alex and Devin share memories about their decades-long relationship, her struggle with ovarian cancer, and what it's like facing the end of life.

Laurel and Stephanie discuss Climate Emergency Preparedness.

We're talking in Stephanie's apartment about preparedness stories the Saturday after U-M announcements regarding COVID-19. What can we learn from our relatives and previous experience? What privileges do we have because of our socioeconomic status?

Neighborhood Project 2

Garrett and I discuss important issues regarding climate crises and ways in which we can improve as a society.

Katie and Sipeng discuss the problem and preparation regarding the climate crisis.

In the interview, Katie and Sipeng talked about their personal experience regarding the climate crisis and some of the strategies at community and individual level related to class material and personal experience.

Avery McEwen and Dyke McEwen

This was an interview of me and my Dad. We talked about his childhood and his work life.

Mike Trombley and Jack Barshaw discuss preparing for the climate emergency
February 1, 2022 App Interview

I interview my mom’s boyfriend, an Ann Arbor resident, about his envisioning of the changes to the community in the face of an ever changing climate