A Walk Down Kimberly’s Childhood

I interviewed Kimberly and she told us about her most favorite childhood memories. Some of those memories were spending time with her cousins and going to Universal Studios very often with her cousin. She also mentions some childhood nicknames she...

The big listen

Michelle Bear is a project manager at an architecture firm in Saint Louis. She also works out of offices in Chicago and Toronto and has spent much of her career traveling to places like Pakistan, Mexico, Italy, France, and many...

Work interview
December 2, 2019 App Interview

We talked about my dad's work life.

"You can't understand where you are without understanding your past": Interview with Kuukuwa Manful  

Kuukuwa is a trained architect from Ghana currently pursuing a PhD in Politics and International Studies at SOAS, University of London. She is also the Principal Investigator on building Early Accra - a project that aims to digitise endangered architectural...

Jhanea Williams and Michael Murphy

Jhanea "Jha D" Williams (34) has a conversation with her friend and colleague Michael Murphy (39) about how the Gun Violence Memorial Project has transformed the ways they see their roles as architects.


Talked of careers, what brought her to them, and how they’ve changed throughout her life.

Paul Meier and Richard Smith

Paul Meier (34) talks with his father-in-law Richard Smith (75) about Richard's early years being born on the Native Reservation in Dixon, Richard's career in architecture, and his large loving family.

Biomimicry with Cynthia Fishman

An interview by Matt Hron, a biology graduate student from Miami a University, with Cynthia Fishman, the founder and director of the Biomimicry Design Alliance in Denver, Colorado.

Papa Codella – Jordan Codella interviewing Frank Codella

We talk about his time in the Navy, his family, and his time with his children.


How our Ancestors from Whales influenced our family

Interview with Dad

I asked about his previous jobs, childhood, teenage years, and traditions.

Edward Uhlir, Lydia Uhlir, and Laura Uhlir

Edward Uhlir (72), who was the project design director for Millennium Park, is interviewed by his daughters, Laura (30) and Lydia (33) Uhlir, about his long career in civil service.

Lorain Hennig and Catherine Bachman

Lorain "Sunny" Hennig (92) tells his daughter, Catherine A. Hennig Bachman (61), about his time growing up on a farm in Iowa, his service in the air force in World War II and Vietnam, and his career after as a...