Work interview
December 2, 2019 App Interview

We talked about my dad's work life.

A Walk Down Kimberly’s Childhood

I interviewed Kimberly and she told us about her most favorite childhood memories. Some of those memories were spending time with her cousins and going to Universal Studios very often with her cousin. She also mentions some childhood nicknames she...

The big listen

Michelle Bear is a project manager at an architecture firm in Saint Louis. She also works out of offices in Chicago and Toronto and has spent much of her career traveling to places like Pakistan, Mexico, Italy, France, and many...


Talked of careers, what brought her to them, and how they’ve changed throughout her life.

Paul Meier and Richard Smith

Paul Meier (34) talks with his father-in-law Richard Smith (75) about Richard's early years being born on the Native Reservation in Dixon, Richard's career in architecture, and his large loving family.

Papa Codella – Jordan Codella interviewing Frank Codella

We talk about his time in the Navy, his family, and his time with his children.

Biomimicry with Cynthia Fishman

An interview by Matt Hron, a biology graduate student from Miami a University, with Cynthia Fishman, the founder and director of the Biomimicry Design Alliance in Denver, Colorado.

Interview of my dad, Seong Il Ahn

He answers questions about his work and career as an architect

Arquitectura gótica

La arquitectura gótica fue un ejemplo para la arquitectura de la actualidad Aunque hay algunas edificaciones antiguas muy valiosas para el patrimonio de las diferentes ciudades se Tiene como una gran etapa para la arquitectura

It’s Johnny

Hello, it’s me who you’re looking for.

Interview English class

This is an interview of an architect and how she thinks about her profession

Design is a Process of Discovery

Andrey describes his journey from a childhood in Colombia to coming to the United States and pursuing architectural design as a student engaged in a process of discovery that will serve him building his capacity to make contributions that will...

Do Not Avoid the Difficult Things

How does the child of immigrant parents become a greatly respected and successful businessman, with nothing but diligence and hard work? On November 28, 2017, Jade Mars interviews her father Michael Karlin in Beverly Hills California. He will talk about...

10 Second Test

10 Second test from olathe south high school. Not very interesting

Annalise Avila and her father Rob Avila talk about his career in architecture

Annalise Avila and her dad, Rob Avila have a conversation about his career in architecture, including his education as well as his journey to becoming a business owner.