Interview with my granny

I learned about how life was like in the army

WWII – Living History with Jim Becker

Uncle Jim Becker tells his great nephew and great-great nephew about his time in the warin the 101st Airborne Division, including landing on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day in the first wave of infantry, and liberating Dachau prison camp,...

Mr. Maylords experience in army…

Mr. Maylords talks about his experience in the army and who influenced him.

Vietnam War
October 28, 2018 App Interview

In this interview we talked about John French’s experiences in the Vietnam War.

Sophia Stephen and her grandfather Larry Pirkle discuss his time spent in the Army Reserve and his family heritage

In this interview, which takes place over Thanksgiving break, I interview my grandfather Larry Pirkle about various components of his life. Mr. Pirkle discusses his youth, and growing up in Hueytown, Alabama. After this, he reminisces about his decision to...

Steve Davis Part 1-Mead High School-Alexis Yeoh

Mr. Steve Davis talked about his duties as an American and how he felt about his vote for the 2016 Presidential election. He talked about his biggest influence and how the person has impacted his vote.

Cailyn Stile interviews Ronald Baran about his Past Experiences

This interview was on November 22, 2018 and Grandpa explained to me about his past childhood and accomplishments throughout his life. He also explained about the time he met grandma and experience in the army.


My mom’s experience with the military.

Interview with grandpa Joe #thegreatlisten

I talk with my grandpa about his time in the army.

Interview with pops

Hi my name is Avery pflueger today I am going to interview Andy Harris

Jennie Mendez interview

Jennie was very close with her brother, and seeing him deploy to Afghanistan was very tough on her and her family.


My dad being in the military and the jobs he had and how he felt about being in and leavening the military.

Amara Tariq Interviewing Murad Khan about his Life

It is April 29, 2018, and my grandpa and I are in Northville, MI. My grandpa and I are just taking about life, careers, family, and just growing up and getting through life. My grandpa shares what is was like...

Interview with Linda

Life in the military, childhood life and memories and lessons

Interviewing Dad

In this interview I talked to my dad about growing up on the farm and his past and how he it was and also we talked about some things he does now and how we got to that point.

Sexuality In The Army

Men of the LGBTQ community are indeed accepted in the army. Despite the common misconceptions and my friend Khalil is a perfect example of this.

Interview with my husband, Brad Lones by Monica Lones

This interview was an attempt to continue learning about my husband, even after being married for 10 years; that I would be able to learn more about the person he is and has become through a recommitment to listen more.

Family journey

We talked about what it was like to participate in the military and how it changed my fathers life. We also talked about some of the most important and influential things/people in his life.