Life of a discharged veteran.

Paul Tait, an Army veteran, tells the story of his life growing up and how he became the man he is today.

Fighting Side-by-Side Next to My Twin

Twins Yaroslav and Aleksander Kek were drafted on December 1, 1989 to serve in the Soviet Union army. Sent to the military camp in Uzbekistan, they talk about their experience serving side-by-side.

Jennie Mendez interview

Jennie was very close with her brother, and seeing him deploy to Afghanistan was very tough on her and her family.

Joyce Gehring on her ancestors and where they are from.

We had a short conversation about ancestry and i found out some interesting things about my great great (a lot of greats) grandpa

Life of an Army Wife
October 31, 2018 App Interview

Kathy Farmer shares her experience as an Army wife - the ups and downs of 24 years supporting her soldier and growing a family.

“No matter how bad the day is, you’re gonna wake up tomorrow morning”

In this interview, recorded 25 November 2018, 16 year old Kaycee Doherty asks her dad, Mike Doherty about his favorite childhood memories. Mike talks about his grandmother, a great figure in his life, and what lessons an absent father taught...

Rudy McMurray and his granddaughter Collins McMurray talk about his life and memories in Birmingham, Alabama

In this interview, Collins McMurray (16), talked to her grandfather, Rudy McMurray (86), about his life and memories. They talked about his childhood, parents, and grandparents. They also discussed his military service and memories of training. He discloses his opinions...

An interview with Joseph Norman guy!

Get to know Joseph Norman Guy, my grandpa by listening to some of the following questions!

Michael Norwood and Robert Norwood

Michael Norwood (62) interviews his father, Robert Norwood (88), about his upbringing, college, the years in the army during the Korean War, and finally, his career and retirement.

History Final

my father’s time in the army reserve and how it it affected his life

Tyler Caterino talks to sister, Jenna Caterino

Tyler’s experience in the medical field and army.

Kyle Meyer 2009-2017 Army career interview
November 30, 2017 App Interview

Robert Houk speaks with Kyle Meyer about his experiences in the army

Memories of the Army

I conducted this StoryCorps interview with my grandpa virtually due to the Coronavirus. He talks about his memories of life and his time in the Army. His Alzheimer’s Disease affects his memories but never how happy he is.

Christmas 2017 with Papa Weeden

Recording of PaPa Weeden (Frederick Daniel Weeden II) and Dan Weeden (Frederick Daniel Weeden IV) on Christmas Eve 2017

Amy Vradenburg, Cameron Kuo, , , and
January 26, 2017 App Interview

Amy recounts her time as an army chaplain and tells how it has led to her current job as veterans' employment specialist and part time missionary. From her work experience with veterans reentering society, Vradenburg explains the difficulties servicemen and...

Interview with Jerry Lewis

I’m interviewing my grandpa about his life growing up.

Thanksgiving Listen

Over thanksgiving break I asked my mom questions about her life.

Mr. Maylords experience in army…

Mr. Maylords talks about his experience in the army and who influenced him.