“That is what big brother’s are for.”

Phat Lu met his art teacher after a year and relived their memories together of Phat’s older brother

Mi Corazon

My grandmother, Corazon (Zonie) Rodis’ experience as a child in the midst of WW2 in the Philippines and her immigration to the US. Zonie expresses her increasing passion for the Arts as well as the importance of family.

Mom Interview

I decided to interview my mom for this project, I think she is interesting because she grew up differently then me and she has an interesting line of work.

Raquel’s perspective
December 2, 2019 App Interview

This was just a short interview with my little sister about what inspires her life and her interests.

Ramesh Chandrasekaran talks about our family’s ancestors and traditions in Plano, Texas.

Ramesh Chandrasekaran talks about our ancestors and the activities that they took part in back then. He also talks about a very interesting tradition that we still do at home today and it’s significance in the Hindu culture.

Zach Clifford: Print Art

I had the pleasure of interviewing Zach about his education field in the arts. I was so excited to hear about his path and the art community.

Bob Short discusses his life philosophy and how he began creating art.

89 year old Bob Short relays the meaning behind some of his art pieces while imparting his life philosophy.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with my grandma, Dia Mostafa, Part 2

I interviewed my maternal grandmother, Rosh Dia Mostafa. She was born in Cairo, Egypt on October 28, 1930. She came to the United States in 1968 with my mother and grandfather. She got her masters degree in fashion design at...

Inaugural O Show

Ryan McInroy sat down with a fellow teacher to share some of his life story

An Interview with an Immigrant

This is an interview conducted with my father, Mauricio Souza, and his life in Brazil and his journey to the United States.

Mrs. Hinch

Mrs. Hinch talks about growing up in North Carolina with her siblings, going to the theatre, civil rights, and moving North.

My Artistic Sister

My sister is an artist and she talks about what art means to her.

Martinz art

Importance of family and Brotherhood in life

Neighbors remembering the life of America's greatest monumental sculptor

This is an interview with residents of Middletown residents about another local resident who was one of Americas most prolific sculptors.

art quest extra credit

Sandra is an art teacher who teaches artists from kindergarten to 80 year old students who want to expand they’re creativity. She both inspires and takes inspiration from her students which helps both them and herself to grow.

“If you want something to happen, you just have to go make it happen.” – Jon and Aria-Blair about the way they experience our community

Jon, Aria-Blair, and their toddler daughter join Alison for a conversation about their lives in Richmond, their two businesses (Black Dog Printing and Tarot Tattoo), and how they are helping to create safe spaces for women and creative places for...

Growing up as an artist

Elane Elias was born on June 1, 1937. She spent most of her early years growing up in Webster, New York with her two other siblings. Her father was an artist, so she grew up in an artistic environment, later...

Lily Pressman

An interview with studio artist Lily Pressman

Experiences and life lessons with Naomi Lutchman

An aunt Naomi Lutchman, tells her niece Abigail Gomes about the experiences and lessons that shape her today. “So I advise for you to just live in the moment. There’s never gonna be the right time to do something so...

John and Corey Discuss Their Creative Paths

Talbot and Persaud get a chance to interview each other about how they began their music and poetry journeys. They also talk about how they became friends and ended up where they are now.

DRIP: Smoke

DRIP is a performance art company and is a dance show on International Drive in Orlando as well as traveling performances, like the one done here at Creative City Project in downtown Orlando. We featured a brand new piece called...