The Best Sister Ever

My sister Gina and I talked about her seizure condition, why mom is her hero, and how great she is at knitting and painting.

A Knight in Hip-Hop

a brief rap up with Michael knight about the beauty of hip hop.

Miz Amy Thompson Remembered

Crystal Thompson remembering her grandma, Amy Thompson, also known as Miz Amy

Painting My Problems

Elliot, a struggling art college student, with social anxiety reminisces through his childhood years and his tough relationship with his father.

Coachella is growing!

The City of Coachella is growing and Roberto wants to support family and art centered programming that shows our pride in where we live.

Tiago Pereira interviews his grandfather, artist Al Wunderlich

One aspiring 8-year old artist talks to his grandfather, painter and sculptor Al Wunderlich, about art.

Steve Kovach shares the stories of his youthful romances, misbehavior, and the plans he had for the future.

The interview was conducted by Rebecca Kovach (16) who interviewed her father, Steve Kovach (53). It was recorded on November 23, 2018, one day before Steve’s 54th birthday. It took place in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in their Grandmothers house....

Thanksgiving Listen: Charlie Ginsburg

I interviewed my Grandma about her love for art.

Interview with Eli Vidano

Talking about how social media has influenced him as an artist

Memories from 98 years ago

My great grandma (98), my mom (55), and I (15) have a conversation in my grandma’s living room in Garland, Texas. The date is November 22, 2018. (Thanksgiving day.) Mamaw talked to us about her childhood, her job, her pets,...

My Artistic Sister

My sister is an artist and she talks about what art means to her.

Ramon-The coolest guy alive,and also nice.

This is a interview of what my friend what's to be when he grows up.

Interview with Mahmoud

Talking about art, family, being first-generation American and work.

Interview With Sister

Today I interviewed my older sister while she was here in San Francisco. We were together for a short time, so we talked about subjects I had never discussed with her.

Morris Nathanson on Being a 17 year old medic in the pacific theatre

Morris Nathanson, Rhode Island architect and artist, talks about growing up in Pawtucket during the depression, civil rights, and serving in the US navy during the Second World War.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my grandma Katie (KK) for the Great Thanksgiving Listen and asked her questions about growing up, travel, her career, etc.

Bruria Finkel and Courtney Gilbert

StoryCorps facilitator Courtney Gilbert (28) talks with Bruria Finkel (87) about her career as an artist, her family and how she opened doors for women in the arts.

Brian Schafer and Octavius "Doc" Coleman

A conversation with Doc Coleman about art, childhood, race, and life.

Caroline Patterson and Laura Patterson

Caroline Patterson (63) talks with her mother Laura Mae Patterson (92) about her upbringing, the many different places she's lived and how she settled in Montana.

An Interview with an Immigrant

This is an interview conducted with my father, Mauricio Souza, and his life in Brazil and his journey to the United States.

Art without boundaries

My aunt, Lisa Colt, tells stories of her high school art students and how they come to understand more about the difference between process and product.