interview 2k22

Art interview with someone.

Gwennie and Jason

Partners discuss photography and illustration

New Acquaintance

today I meet with a senior student named Cassie and ask her some questions.

Mrs. Hinch

Mrs. Hinch talks about growing up in North Carolina with her siblings, going to the theatre, civil rights, and moving North.

Raquel’s perspective
December 2, 2019 App Interview

This was just a short interview with my little sister about what inspires her life and her interests.

Sink or swim: the making of an artist

Talking with a young ambitious Artist who made the decision on not returning to school. On the mission to furfill he goal of being an established artist making his living on doing what he loves, Art.

Terry Braunstein and the women’s art movement in Washington DC

Grandma describes her role in the women in art movement in the 1970s in DC to her three grandchildren

Conflicts of an art major

An interview about the conflicts of entering and pursing jobs in art in today's society

Interview with my Grandpa

I spoke with my grandpa about his childhood, career, and what it is like working with his son; my dad!

Interview assignment

Greg and I talked about the type of art he creates and where he gets his ideas from

Healthy Habits

Talking about healthy habits we currently have and ones we can in relation to art.

Story Corps Assignment

We discussed the differences between childhood aspirations and current ones. We also discussed how Katy’s goals have evolved throughout the years and why they have changed.

Justin Interviews Mike on the Power of Woodcarving

Justin Huynh interviews Mike Davison about his passion for woodcarving, what exactly he has found most meaningful in his art, and how woodcarving all relates back to his veteran background and life experiences.

“We want to remove any barrier that someone might have to creating art”- Andy and Amy Dudas on creating a space for the community

In this interview, Alison talks with Amy and Andy Dudas, owners of Dudas Law and community builders who are turning a vacant building in downtown Richmond into a place where all are welcome to create art of any form.

World of Art
October 17, 2017 App Interview

Interview with Deanne wortman who works with NEXUS of Engineering and the Arts

Carlton Highsmith and James Brockington

Carlton Highsmith (70) and his mentee, James Brockington (31), talk about entrepreneurship and the Edward A. Bouchet Scholarship. James talks about the Tia Russell Dance Studio and the work he and his wife are doing in Connecticut to teach young...

A special Thanksgiving conversation

During Thanksgiving dinner this year, I interviewed an elderly from my church. We talked about her current life, immigration experiences and happy memories.