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"I like the human challenge working and researching in these extreme environments." An interview with Alfonso Davila.

How will we search for life beyond Earth? If we do find life, what are the implications? As an Astrobiologist, Dr. Alfonso Davila travels to 'planetary analogue environments' that are remarkably similar to areas on other planets -- Chile's Atacama...

“I'm proud my…perseverance of curiosity has gotten me to be [with] people who talk about life in the universe.” Interview w/ Julia DeMarines

Julia DeMarines is a graduate student at the University of California at Berkeley in the Earth and Planetary Science department, an educator at the Mentoring Academy, a National Geographic Explorer, and a science communicator who runs a space comedy event...

I joined the Air Force Academy to become an astronaut. NASA has always been at the forefront of my imagination, plans and dreams.

Dr. Jared Broddrick is a systems biologist who is passionate about solar system exploration and NASA’s Human Research Program. Broddrick participated in the Human Exploration Research Analog where he lived in a 600-square-foot box with three other researchers for 45...

“There were locations that I went to that no human has ever been to before.” An interview with Dr. Mary Beth Wilhelm.

Dr. Mary Beth Wilhelm is a research space scientist at NASA Ames Research Centre. In this interview, Mary Beth talks about lab hopping, visiting five continents in five months, winning the Ames Early Career Researcher Award, and her hopes for...

An oceanographer and chemist working on space missions at NASA. An interview with Tori Hoehler.

Dr. Tori Hoehler is a scientist at NASA Ames, with a background in chemistry and oceanography. He now studies the interaction of microbial communities with their environment, with an emphasis on the habitability of environments beyond Earth and the detectability...

Examining geomicrobiology in caves and mines, with a side of space exploration and astrobiology. An interview with Penny Boston.

Dr. Penny Boston is a woman of many talents! A notable academic with a background in microbiology and geology, Penny has investigated microbial life in the lab and in the field as a speleologist -- someone who studies cave science....

“Something that helps me get reinvigorated about my own science is to teach and do outreach.” An interview with Michael Wong

Michael Wong is just as comfortable talking about science as he is with working on it. Currently a post doc at the University of Washington in Seattle, he talks about his work and path through science, from being inspired as...