Allen Parker and Sanford Rabinowitch

One Small Step conversation partners Allen "Al" Parker (78) and Sanford "Sandy" Rabinowitch (70) talk about their former careers, Alaska issues, and their political views.

Gymnastics and Life Goals

We talked about Peter’s passions and why he is so awesome.

Claudia McKnight and Molly McKnight

Mother and daughter Claudia McKnight (63) and Molly McKnight (25) discuss Claudia's experience in the U.S. military, her love of aviation, and her experience under Don't Ask Don't Tell.

Interview with Sam Payne

Lilly Kraemer interviewing with Sam Payne in New Jersey, on January 11th, 2020. Sam was a helicopter pilot and a fixed wing pilot for many years. He served in the Korean war for the United States Army for 16 months...

Al Higdon and Paul Bowen

Friends and colleagues, Al Higdon (86) and Paul Bowen (75), talk about their work in the aviation industry -- Al in Public Relations and Paul in photography.

Robert High and the Great Turkey Talk

In this interview, conducted on Thanksgiving Day, November 28th 2019 - Robert High talks about some of the major themes in his life and how Orlando Florida has helped shape him and his family. Giving candid answers and great advice,...

Molly McMillin and Ben Sauceda

Aviation journalist, Molly McMillin (67) is interviewed by friend and Executive Director of the Kansas Aviation Museum, Ben Sauceda (39), about her career covering major milestones and changes in the aviation industry in Wichita.

Randy Smith and Logan Daugherty

Randy Smith (66) talks to his colleague at the Kansas Aviation Museum, Logan Daugherty (26), about his career in the aviation industry.

A man with a dream

Stefan Czarnecki talks about his up bringing within the communist occupation on Poland, looking to make ends meet while supporting a family of three in a long distance relationship. Coming to America, only knowing two words, "OK" and "Tomorrow", navigating...

Hailey Stevenson 12/17/21

Hailey Stevenson talks about her career choices, her athletic career, and her plans for the future.

Grandpas worked on airplanes

After college at OSU, Julian got a government contract at Boeing to avoid being drafted for Vietnam. After a year at Boeing, he was layed off and went to work for MacDonald Douglas on the F-15 Eagle. Now one day...

Fred Jones and Rachel Schmidt

Rachel Schmidt (41) sits down with her father, Fred Jones (79), to ask him about his young adult years. Fred shares stories from his time studying at the Georgia Institute of Technology and from his time serving in the U.S....

Robert Gillespie and Richard Gillespie

Robert E. Gillespie (72) interviews his father, Richard T. Gillespie (99), about his upbringing peddling milk, as well as his experience in the Civilian Pilot Training Program and being a B-17 pilot during World War II.

Interview with Rolando Vidal

My dad told me about his past experiences, accomplishments, and goals.

Great American Listen Project

I asked my dad questions about him being a pilot of SkyWest

Judy Hale Young and Jane Hale

Twins, Judy Hale Young [no age given] and Jane Hale [no age given], sit down for a conversation about Judy's experience in the U.S. Navy, Jane's experience stepping into her non-binary gender identity, their passions for music and literature, and...

Interview with Troy

Interview on aviation and how he got into that idea for a major and future career.

Caleb Kuo and Andrew Chand

[Recorded: Tuesday, September 12th, 2023] Caleb (19) from Fairfax, Virginia and Andrew Chand (19) from rural Ohio participated in this One Small Step conversation as part of their Public Service Pathways 1-credit UNST course at UVA. Andrew shares about the...