Daniel McCarthy and Fred McCarthy

Daniel McCarthy: 2020-11-22 23:51:43, Fred McCarthy talks to his grandson about his parents lives as well as his own

Barbara Dolan and Sheila McNair

Barbara Dolan (79) is interviewed by her granddaughter Sheila McNair (26) about her life raising 10 children.

Large Families and Deep Connections

Hannah Rae, one of five children, interviews her great grandfather, one of twelve children. Highlights from 10:50-13:30

Lincoln High School Students + Dan Hallowell

Dan Hallowell is interviewed by Lincoln High School students and shares about having 14 children, his career in janitorial work, his faith and advice for young people.

Georgia Dunning and Jennifer Dunning

Georgia Dunning (19) interviews her mother, Jennifer Dunning (42), about moving from Maine to Florida. They remember Jennifer's father, whom Georgia called Grampy. Mother and daughter reflect on family dynamics and what it's like for Georgia to grow up in...