Barry Livingston, Shayla Livingston, and Michael Livingston

Barry Livingston (85) interviewed by his son Michael Livingston (58) and his granddaughter Shayla Livingston (25) about growing up in San Francisco, California, working for as fashion store called Livingston Brothers, his time in the Navy, and his love of...

Harper Schaberg talks with Norma Schaberg(Grandma) about her youth

Harper Schaberg(16) talks with Norma Schaberg(92) about her parents and how she was raised. She talks about what she wish she did different, how unsupervised life was, and growing up in the West side of Chicago.

Andrew Mortensen and Patrick Olson

Andrew Mortensen (31) talks with his colleague Patrick Olson (33) about the bike trip he took across the United States, through Mexico, Central America, and South America, ending in Patagonia. He talks about raising awareness and advocating for The Trevor...

cutting my chin open
August 24, 2022 App Interview

Remi talks about the day he cut his chin open and what he learned after that.

David Simmons and Jason Kimber

Jason Kimber (45) interviews his friend David Simmons (47) about his childhood in Providence, Utah, and the adventures he embarked on.

Jeffrey Ellis and Harris Mills

One Small Step partners Jeffrey "Jeff" Ellis (79) and Harris Mills (77) have a conversation about their experiences surrounding the Vietnam War, environmental conservation, and the importance of having compassion for people's deep hardships and traumas.

Lou and Julie Melini

Lou and Julie talk about their childhoods, family, adventures biking and hiking, and how important being a team has been for them and their family.

Claire Koeplin and Mike Cooley

We talked about Mike’s life and his job owning George’s Cycles.

Thomas Fannon and Jack Fannon

T.J. (83) is interviewed by son Jack (51) about the family owned business T.J. Fannon and Sons, a heating, oil and air-conditioning company.

Xail Hernandez and Devon Snyder

Xail Hernandez (33) has a conversation with her colleague Devon Snyder (28) about what it means for them to be part of the cycling community as women, and how their roles have shaped community building as educators at Working Bikes...

Thanksgiving Interview

We spoke about life with my dad as one of 4 children, music, college, and moving.

Interview With a 12 Year Old

Zane Strait’s journey to finding his passion and the pressure the biking community and family can put on a 12 year old.

I found biking is medicine

Jeff found biking helps him in many areas of his life